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I’m staying in Cameroon!  – The Camerounaiseries blog

I have all the good reasons in the world to move abroad. Because I broke up with both of my families, and my country is in really bad shape.
But you know what ? I will stay in Cameroon!

I can settle abroad

If I had long eyes, I would go and settle abroad. Besides, I have already received several proposals from members of my entourage who live in exile, and I even have a friend in Switzerland who would like me to move there with him. […]
I could well have moved abroad. Not only through the American lottery in which I never participate, but also through Canadian emigration. I see many friends who leave our country every day without even saying goodbye, in search of a promising future. There are also some who took the desert route to try to reach the island of Lampedusa, but with varying fortunes: some became Francis Ngannou on the roof of the world, and others saw their carcass devoured by hungry animals strutting out there in the desert savannah…
And then, I have already made several trips away. That is to say, if I had really wanted to leave my native land for good, I would never have returned there again after my trips in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, etc.

I broke up with both my families

I’m not talking about my family and my in-laws, eh, nôôô! I’m not married yet. I am indeed talking about my paternal and maternal families…
For my father’s family, it’s a long story. And the disagreements are so distressing, but above all so personal and so dramatic, that I will never have the presumption to want to dare to evoke them through a simple publication…
For my mother’s family, it’s a different story. Because it is she who has rocked me since my earliest childhood, and she is the one whom I have always considered as my only true family. But when you see uncles who are the direct brothers of your own parent, always speaking ill of you, it sometimes makes you want to cry. Especially my maternal uncle who gets involved in everything, who knows everything, who corrects everything, who wishes you harm even though you are his first boy nephew, and who is a master in the art of discouragement on all your projects since you had reached the Terminale class…
It’s sad ! This was a good opportunity for me – or an occasion if you want – to excuse my discomfort in this country of vultures, where danger never comes further than from the direct members of your own family. But after careful consideration, I understood that you have to stay strong; and that geographical distance was not systematically the only condition for my development and my happiness.

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Francis Ngannou became a hero after taking the desert route. Source: camerexcellence.com / CC-BY

Cameroon is doing badly

But in reality, Cameroon is doing badly. Very bad, even! Cameroon behaves like this mother of children who is an alcoholic, who married a drug smoker or a criminal, and then the two irresponsible people do not provide any kind supervision over their own offspring…
I caricature. But it is to say that we feel abandoned, we feel wronged, we feel doomed to scorn. The Cameroonian “continent” no longer offers us any hope, and on the contrary the situation is only getting worse and disintegrating day by day: hyper-tense political context, freedom of expression violated, increase in the cost of living, unemployment, almost non-existent health system, etc.
Cameroon is this country in Central Africa, where a small handful of crooked individuals have confiscated all the powers and all the assets, to confine us to a kind of indescribable misery and resilience. The prevaricators who rule us squander our public funds on countless white elephants, and their projects costing billions are invariably never completed. We wage wars against our own brothers in NoSo, we live without drinking water and without electricity, and then we also die in hospitals because of a simple little malaria or a broken forearm… Tsuip !
People who leave, I don’t encourage them but I can understand them. They concluded that there is no longer any hope in this territory, that there is nothing more to be done in this country where mediocre people are valued to disadvantage competence, and where political alternation is not probably not yet possible.
And what do you want them to stay to do in a country where they practically no longer have any destiny?

We must stay to change it

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But despite everything, we must stay! I am one of those people who think that Cameroonianness is priceless, and who are first and foremost proud to be Cameroonians. Who are happier in the streets of Ntaba-Nlongkak or Dibombari, than in those of the 14th arrondissement of the city of Paris or in the alleys of Monaco. I am convinced that our Republic will not remain so repugnant forever, and that, even if this will undoubtedly happen after our death, there will come a time when this famous Cameroon will be internationally considered as a real reference.
I’m staying in Cameroon! I love my country, even if I have a lot to say about the behavior of my compatriots. But I want to play my part from the inside, as a promising entrepreneur but also as a blogger. I want to see things change, I want to participate in this slow but inevitable change, and I also want to be a source of hope and inspiration like my best friend Pierre La Paix Ndamè. Because in this ocean of misfortune, in this giant shambles, I still managed to become a very fulfilled man. And I think that all my compatriots could become the same, that is to say by daring, by working, by hoping, by criticizing, by voting. I think we have the most beautiful women on the planet, we have the most brilliant compatriots in all fields, we have a fantastic country to rebuild, we have an immensely rich subsoil, and we have cultural and tourist diversity. difficult to reproduce outside our magnificent terroir…

You have to be courageous and strong to live in Cameroon. Source: freepik.com /CC

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I will stay in Cameroon!

So I have every good reason in the universe to move abroad. Because I had broken up with both my families, and my country is doing really, really badly.
But you know what ? I will stay in the land of my ancestors…

I’m staying in Cameroon! I am a patriot, I am a Republican, I am a fervent nationalist, and above all we must not forget that I am first and foremost a Bamileke national.
I’m staying in Douala! What could be better than this city with a thousand facets, with its pleasures and its leisure activities, but also its investments and its opportunities which, if they are well exploited, could make me the richest man on the entire African continent.
I will stay in Cameroon until the end of my days, because I think that each of us really only has one nationality.

And so if I had exiled myself abroad, I would have seriously felt inner pain because of homesickness. I would have felt somewhat disoriented. I will have lost somewhere a part of my precious Cameroonian personality, the very one that made me the unshakeable optimist that I am today.
And if you ask me what I am still doing in this country while all sectors are upside down, I will calmly tell you that “I, Ecclesiaste Deudjui, am going to stay in Cameroon! »

Ecclesiastes DEUDJUII’m staying in Douala!
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