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in a video he kisses another – breaking latest news

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in a video he kisses another – breaking latest news

Damiano dei Maneskin e Giorgia Soleri they broke up.

In the past few hours on social media a video had been circulating which portrayed the singer with another girl. The video was posted by a user on TikTok and it immediately went viral. In the images, shot in a disco, you can clearly see the frontman kissing another girlso much so that in a short time he was prompted to issue a statement.

– The screen shot of Damiano’s message on Instagram

In fact, it was he, with a Story on Instagram, who announced the separation from the influencer and activist: «I am very sorry this video came out, it was not how we wanted to handle the situation and it was my mistake. Giorgia and I have decided to break up for a few days now so there was no betrayal of any kind —. Damiano specifies -. I hope this doesn’t affect Giorgia’s image and that you can respect the delicacy of this moment».

Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri, 24 and 27 respectively, were engaged since four years and they lived together in Rome, together with their three cats: although both cared about their privacy, they often shared moments of their life together on social networks. The last photos that show them embracing and, apparently, in love, are from a few weeks ago, when the singer returned to Rome after the end of Maneskin’s European tour. “More and more every day,” Soleri wrote on May 12 under a photo in which he kissed his partner. Today, however, the news of the separation.

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