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Indonesia’s increasing number of new crowns diagnoses for the first time over 40,000 cases, the president expresses condolences to the deceased of new crowns

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Indonesia’s New Coronary Pneumonia Increasing Number of Cases Surpasses 40,000 for the First Time

China News Agency, Jakarta, July 12 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) Indonesian officials announced on the afternoon of the 12th that 40,427 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in the country in the past 24 hours, and a total of 2,567,630 confirmed cases; 891 new deaths and a total of 67,355 deaths .

This is the first time that Indonesia has newly diagnosed a single day exceeding 40,000 since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in early March last year. The rebound of the epidemic caused by the rapid spread of the delta mutant virus is still continuing.

Indonesian media reported that on the 11th, when the President of the country, Joko Widodo, prayed at his residence, “in the name of the country, government and individual”, he expressed his deep condolences to the citizens of the country who died due to the new crown pneumonia.

At present, the Indonesian epidemic is rebounding fiercely and the fight against the epidemic is at a critical stage. Joko called on the people of the country to “pray at home” to bless the new crown epidemic as soon as possible, and to bless Indonesia’s peace, prosperity, and prosperity.

On the same day, the Indonesian government decided to officially implement the emergency restrictions on social activities that are being implemented on the islands of Java and Bali in other 15 cities (counties) with severe epidemics across the country.

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The “emergency restrictions” include: all employees work from home in non-important industries; all teaching activities are conducted online; shopping malls, shopping malls and trade centers are closed; traditional markets, supermarkets, and grocery stores are open until 20 o’clock every day and can only be accepted 50% of the passenger capacity; restaurants, cafes, etc. prohibit dine-in and takeaway business until 20 o’clock every day; close religious sites, parks, cultural, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist attractions; public transportation can only accept 70% of the passenger capacity; take an airplane , Trains, and long-distance buses traveling in the country must present a vaccination certificate and a nucleic acid negative certificate 48 hours before the trip.

Indonesian epidemic prevention officials said that since the emergency restrictions were implemented on the densely populated islands of Java and Bali on the 3rd of this month, the movement of people has been reduced by about 30%.

In the past few days, Indonesian central government departments, the military, the police and local governments have worked closely to speed up the new crown vaccination through various methods such as setting up temporary vaccination points and mobile vaccination in the community. The public has also expressed unprecedented enthusiasm for vaccination. (Finish)


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