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Isak Šavanović’s father did not support him doing music Entertainment

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Isak Šavanović’s father did not support him doing music  Entertainment

Isak Šabanović became famous by participating in the “Zvezde Granda” competition, and even before that he was known in Montenegro.

Source: Instagram / isaciktsy

Although he gained great fame only when he appeared on the Grand stage, Šabanović was widely known in Montenegro even before the competition. Isak inherited his talent for music from his father, but his parents initially did not agree that he should follow that path.

“Ćale did pubs, tents, weddings, saw a lot, but he didn’t want that for me. He knew I could play and sing, but he suggested I go in a different direction. Even though he wasn’t in favor of it, he saw how I want it, love it and can do it, then the first song was credited for it. I was at school then the whole of Bijelo Polje heard the song and I didn’t give up because I grew up with rehearsals for the chaleta and it always drew me”, recalled Šabanović, then revealed that he held his first concert when he was only 14 years old.

“A neighbor owned a bar and they asked me to be the star of the evening during the breaks while the DJ was playing. I was 14 years old and then I took money for the first time, I think it was around 40, 50 euros and it was great. I knew 20 songs, I also sang folk songs and who knows what it looked like, and I spun them in a circle,” said the singer, who over time began to perform throughout Montenegro, but not beyond its borders.

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“For five years I performed in Podgorica in a cafe, every Tuesday and Friday, and I didn’t feel like leaving Montenegro. But then I applied for the competition and everything has changed since then,” he said in the “Grand Parade” show. .

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