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Israel, green light to the law that saves Netanyahu from judicial troubles: premier removed only for physical or mental impediment

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Israel, green light to the law that saves Netanyahu from judicial troubles: premier removed only for physical or mental impediment

For three months the country has been shaken by protests, which today reach a new peak of indignation, on the day in which the Knesset gives the go-ahead for the measure to save the premier Benjamin Netanyahu from his judicial woes while holding the post of premier. The Parliament Of Tel Aviv has transformed into law – with 61 votes in favor and 47 against in a night marathon – one of the first pieces of the disputed judicial reform advanced by the government Netanyahuthe furthest to the right ever: specifically, the provision prevents the Supreme Court to declare, for various reasons“unsuitable” for his office a first minister in constant mandate. A premier may be removed from yours position only for impediment physicist o mental. And this must be approved by at least 75% of the executive ministers and if the premier refuses by at least 75% of the Knesset. The law has always been considered by the media and by the opposition “ad hoc” precisely for Netanyahugiven that the prime minister could be considered in conflict of interest with the judicial reform because of his corruption trial ongoing at Jerusalem. Formerly the state Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara had raised this issue. And it’s been three months now that Israel witnesses mass protests against the reform of the judicial system. The opposition and a very large part of public opinion accuse the executive of wanting to put the judiciary under political control, undermining the foundations of democracy.

If the premier collects the victory on his norm ad a personhowever, had to give in to a softening of a focal point of the judicial reform: that relating to the Commission which appoints the judges of the Supreme Court. An opening that some commentators have linked to the phone call between Netanyahu and the president One in which Biden stressed that the “values Democrats have been and must remain the hallmark of relations between United States e Israel and that the “fundamental changes they must be carried forward with the broadest possible base of support.” In the original text the members of the coalition government had a clear majority for the appointment of new ones judges. Now however in the new version that power is reduced, even if the immediate indication of is facilitated two judges acceptable to the majority. For now, the move has been approved in what has been defined by the media a “stormy meeting” by the “majority” of the deputies of the Likudtowing party of right-wing coalition, convinced that the bill, even in the new wording, “brings balance back to the Judges Selection Committee and puts an end to an undemocratic state in which judges appoint themselves”. The new wording, however, has recorded the dry no of the entire opposition. Both the centrists Yair Lapid e Benny Gantz be Labour Merav Michaeli they spoke of the “trap” of the majority. “This is not a compromise. Indeed it is – denounced Lapid – the conquering of the judicial system. I do appeal to honest judges not to stand for the Supreme Courtif that law passes – he warned – do not accept being nominated as ‘coalition judges’ instead of judges of the State of Israel. It would be a mark of infamy for you.” And for Michaeli it is “neither a compromise nor an attenuation: it is Hungary e Poland on steroids”.

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However, the problems do not seem to end even within the majority. According to the media Yoav Gallantminister of Defence – a key role in any Israeli executive – said a Netanyahu that he would have “difficulty in continuing as a minister”, or would give the resignationif on the judicial reform there was not one mediation. According to the same sources, Gallant underlined a Netanyahu the lack of consensus among the Israelis – as shown by the 11 weeks of protests in the squares – but also the critical issues which are manifesting themselves in the army with repeated positions taken by the reservists not to show up to their duties of called back it persists judicial reform. A location for Gallant “dangerous” and that “could damage the army’s ability to carry out its missions”.

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