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Israeli Army Reveals Footage of Hamas Leader’s Hiding Place in Chanyounis

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Israeli army claims to have found former hiding place of Hamas leader Jahia Sinwar. According to a report by the Deutsche Welle Chinese website, the Israeli army released footage showing Sinwar and his family in an underground tunnel in Chan Yunis, where they allegedly lived for a period of time during fierce fighting in the city.

The video footage showed an Israeli soldier standing in the room where Sinwar once lived, with a safe containing millions of dollars and Israeli currency. The underground bunker also included toilets, showers, a kitchen with a large amount of food stored, rooms for guards, and a large number of weapons and ammunition.

The Israeli army spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, stated that Sinwar and his cronies fled the hiding place immediately after hearing that the Israeli army was approaching. He also mentioned that the army is determined to catch him.

Additionally, the Israeli military released another video, allegedly captured by a surveillance camera in a Hamas tunnel, showing the back of a man walking in the tunnel, believed to be Sinwar, along with his wife and children. However, the authenticity of the video cannot be independently verified at this time.

Hagari also revealed that earlier this month, the Israeli army arrested several senior Hamas officials and Sinwar’s family members on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities, and through questioning them, Israeli intelligence agencies have obtained important information.

The whereabouts of Sinwar and his entourage remain unknown, and if the video footage is authentic, it would be the first exposed image material of Sinwar since the outbreak of the war.

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The Israeli army has not provided further details on their search for Sinwar, and the authenticity of the video footage remains to be verified. However, the release of these videos has sparked interest and speculation in the ongoing conflict in the region.

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