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Israeli Officials Plan Global Assassinations of Hamas Leaders

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Israeli Officials Plan Global Assassinations of Hamas Leaders

Morgue at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younes Overcrowded Following Renewed Israeli Attacks

The morgue at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younes in the southern Gaza Strip was reported to be overcrowded yet again. This comes just a week after the truce between Israel and Hamas, as Israeli fire focused on the town from the air, sea, and ground, according to Agence France-Presse.

One witness recounted a tragic incident to AFP: “My son Mohammed was trying to rescue women and children from our tent when a piece of shrapnel hit him in the head and then exploded.”

With Israeli army tanks rolling into many districts of the city, Gazans in the north were ordered to leave, increasing the number of displaced people, as Israeli forces launched a ground attack on October 27, 20 days after the deadly attack on Gaza by Islamist Hamas. Even today, fighting continues on the ground, according to propaganda from the Israeli army and the Palestinian armed groups fighting it.

In response to the renewed attacks, it has been revealed that Israel is planning to assassinate senior Hamas leaders living around the world, following orders from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This information comes from an Israeli official cited by the Wall Street Journal. The top military intelligence unit is reportedly formulating plans to hunt down senior Hamas leaders living in Lebanon, Turkey, and Qatar, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Qatar has allowed Hamas to set up an administrative base in the capital Doha for 10 years. The report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that the new plan is a continuation of Israel’s decades-long history of secret assassinations, with its agents being responsible for over 2,700 overseas operations.

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However, engaging in overseas assassinations would violate international law and risk backlash in the host country. Former Israeli intelligence agency Mossad chief Efraim Halevy called overseas assassinations a bad idea, stating that assassinating top leaders would not eradicate the threat of Hamas, but would only anger the other party’s followers and sow a worse crisis.

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