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Jiang Hongjie Wins Lawsuit, Calls on Ai Fukuhara to Return Child: A Press Conference Report

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Original title: Jiang Hongjie Wins Lawsuit, Calls on Ai Fukuhara to Respect Court’s Judgment and Return the Child

In a recent press conference, Jiang Hongjie announced that he has won his lawsuit against Ai Fukuhara and pleaded with her to respect the court’s judgment by returning their child. Jiang Hongjie expressed his concern over Fukuhara’s complete loss of contact and stated that he hasn’t seen his child for an entire year.

During the press conference, Jiang Hongjie revealed, “On July 20 of this year, I received the judgment from the Japanese court, which ordered Ms. Ai Fukuhara to deliver the child to me.” He hopes that Fukuhara will honor the court’s decision and peacefully resolve the matter.

This dispute over child custody between Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie began when Fukuhara visited Taiwan in July last year to negotiate custody arrangements. Jiang Hongjie claimed that Fukuhara abruptly cut off contact with their child without informing him or responding to his calls and text messages. In response, Fukuhara posted a lengthy statement the following day, accusing Jiang Hongjie of obstructing her from seeing their child.

After several discussions with lawyers, Jiang Hongjie agreed to let their son live with Fukuhara in Japan for a certain period of time. However, Fukuhara completely ceased communication with Jiang Hongjie after that agreement. Despite Jiang’s efforts to pressure her into returning their child, Fukuhara remained adamant in her refusal.

The unresolved dispute between the two former partners has gained significant attention, prompting Jiang Hongjie to take legal action to protect his paternal rights. With the court’s decision in his favor, he now hopes that Fukuhara will put their differences aside and prioritize the well-being and best interests of their child.

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