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Join forces with Italy and the United States to deter Russia (photo) | Ge Yushi Italy | NATO | Europe |

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Engineers of the Italian Army are ferrying tank destroyers. (Image source: Italian Army/CC BY 2.5)

[See China November 20, 2021](See Chinese reporter Ge Yushi Compilation/Comprehensive Report) As Beijing’s economic and military power has surged in recent years,AmericaThe military force of the United States is heavily tilted towards the Western Pacific.Cradle of Western CivilizationEuropeIn the next few years, it may face conflicts between major powers in Eastern Europe.Since the United States has adopted a treaty, it has promised toNATOThe country provides defense. Under such circumstances, ensuring that European allies have the necessary resources and determination to jointly implement and deter Russian aggression is the biggest challenge facing US military leaders in Europe.

Right now, Britain has left the European Union, France is about to start anew, and Germany has a contradictory attitude towards military spending, which has caused its Bundeswehr to be in a state of unpreparedness for a long time. At the eastern end of the Mediterranean, due to the presence of the Erdogan government, Turkey cannot be used as the anchor point of NATO’s southern wing to a large extent. Experts speculate that Italy, which is committed to Western alliances and democracy and whose economic growth is currently faster than that of Germany, stands out and will become a first-line ally of the United States in the next few years, with a status similar to Australia and Israel.

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Italy: Strategic geographical advantage

The Italian high-heeled boot-shaped territory penetrates into the Mediterranean Sea, the most important sea area in Western history, and is very suitable for NATO to build a military safety net. The Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily, located between Beirut at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar at the western end, has deployed long-range reconnaissance aircraft. Flying from here to Libya, the most chaotic country in North Africa, is also very close.

In the north, Italian territory extends far to Central and Eastern Europe, so that the Italian F-35 fighter jets stationed there can fly back to the border between Poland and Belarus without refueling in the air. NATO’s two bases in northern Italy also deployed tactical nuclear weapons, which constituted NATO’s powerful deterrent against Russian aggression.

Roman diplomacy pro-democracy pro-Washington

Facing the unusual internal situation faced by many Western allies, it is easier for people to see Italy’s pro-democratic and pro-American record. Italy has always supported NATO’s work and has contributed to more than 20 peacekeeping operations and other stabilization efforts. In the early stages of the war in Afghanistan, Italy sent troops and actively participated in almost all influential multilateral organizations, from the United Nations (UN) to the Group of Seven (G7) to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In recent months, the Mario Draghi government in Italy has shown an interest in participating in the four-sided alliance formed by the United States, Australia, India, and Japan to jointly fight the CCP’s ambitions in Asia.

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Although Draghi’s predecessor had brief contacts with the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Draghi has since moved away from Beijing and gradually moved closer to India, which shows that Italy is more inclined to choose democratic partners.

Italy specializes in the military and defense industry

The Italian army is making the right investment. In 2004, the conscription system was abolished, and only 371,000 soldiers were retained, but it is highly specialized, with half of the active and paramilitary personnel.

The Italian Navy is the dominant maritime power in the Mediterranean, with 1 light aircraft carrier, 4 air-defense destroyers, 10 frigates, and 8 diesel-electric submarines. And 3 amphibious vessels. A version of the Italian frigates has been adopted by the U.S. Navy and is currently being built by Fincantieri in Wisconsin.

Italy is using its limited military budget to purchase advanced American weapons. It plans to purchase 60 F35 Air Force variants and 15 F35 Navy variants. The Italian Air Force also operates the Boeing 767 aerial refueling tanker and Lockheed Martin’s C130J transport aircraft.

Like Japan, Italy has a complex defense industrial base, composed of companies such as Fincantieri and Leonardo, which can produce world-class military systems locally, such as Italian armored vehicles. The world’s top products can also provide key parts and components for F35 fighters, and it is also one of the few countries that can assemble the entire F35.

In addition to tangible measures, the strategic partnership between the United States and Italy has an emotional component. Few countries have had a major impact on American culture after World War II like Italy, and few countries have provided more ancestors for the current American population. The people of the United States and Italy believe that they have similar values ​​and share a common heritage.

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