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Kalya “The Disputed Evil” – Mondo Japan

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Kalya “The Disputed Evil” – Mondo Japan

Kalya “Il Male Conteso” with art by Andrea Modugno, with screenplay by Luca Lamberti and Leonardo Cantone, cover by Elena Casagrande, published by Bugs Comics, is the new book in which some secrets emerge but above all you are immersed in the strategies of power in Lands of Theia.

At the Kalantor fortress, a message arrives from Leena for Aridan, which agitates Commander Zelar, in which he reports that the alchemist’s group has met some Aldesians with some Calith in cages.

Leena and her group with Kalya, Doven and Tagh continue their journey to recover the Gjaldest Hamon by order of King Negon of Galdor, at the Fortress of Harro, where the steward Waldil awaits them.

In the presence of Hamon, he verbally attacks Kalya, considering her a usurper of the power that should have been hers by Malkuth’s will.

Meanwhile, in the City of Nevia, hegemon Ralim betrays his King of Galdor to ally himself with the Sarabrians and receive general Rasha. Here the Gjaldest order the delivery of supplies to Harro to be brought forward, in order to free the prisoner, with the help of Jogar.

Meanwhile in Kalantor the battle rages between the Galdorian army and the constructs, the latter have a spy who keeps them informed on the movements of the group that is headed to Harro…

Harro is attacked to free Hamon and a furious fight begins, in which Kalya and her group try to escape with the prisoner, when they find themselves faced with the Gjaldest Neti-Ran…

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The book in question is full of events and action, above all the narration takes us to a picture of the situation, in which between betrayals and twists we have a vision of the various protagonists who have taken the field but above all we have the feeling that the authors have prepared the way for events that will overturn the Lands of Theia. All this supported by a very careful and adult artistic design, in which the expression of the various characters fully convey the emotional situations they experience, thus managing to convey the pathos of the story to the reader.

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