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Kalya: “The Great Gjaldest Council”

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Kalya: “The Great Gjaldest Council”

Kalya is not the classic woman of television works driven by furious hidden passions, wearing designer clothes and jewels, with perfect manicure and the latest fashion hair. She is a character who throws herself into the fray and is not afraid to expose her doubts and emotions.

This is demonstrated in this new Kalya album “Il Grande Concilio Gjaldest”, with a screenplay by Luca Lamberti and Leonardo Cantone, with drawings by Davide Castelluccio, published by Bugs Comics. The girl, together with Kel and Erval, secretly head to the great council of the Gjaldests, organized by Ilion who reveals to all the Gjaldests that their brother Hamon-Darn is alive and that the Galdorians lied in saying that they had him defeated, they locked him in Harro prison.

Hamon’s goal is to save and bring the Gjaldest people back to glory, restoring power to the Alkest of Malkuth. Upon hearing this news, Kalya, after two years of absence, immediately goes to Leena to warn her and find a solution.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Battalion commanded by Zelar, in which Aridan is found, arrives at the fortress of Kalantor to face the siege of the Aldelysians…

A story scripted with great skill that allows us to have a clear disposition of the protagonists, above all Kalya returns to the center of the story, much more authoritative and confident but maintaining that touch of sensitivity and kindness that leads to the meeting with his old companions of adventure.

This issue has the advantage of being action-packed, the explanation scenes are concise to give more space to the events, which follow one another in a fast and engaging way, ranging from the battle between the Aldesians and the Sarabris and the setting in motion of the Gjaldest from Illion’s words.

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A pleasant read, very smooth and above all the dynamics that are taking place are clearly outlined, which are important for the continuation of the events which have all the potential to lead to twists and turns.

Great attention is paid to the feelings of Kalya, who is on an unpredictable life journey, confronting him with a past he didn’t know and a future yet to be discovered. A path of growth, change, transformation. A continuous and constant movement that we have been reading for 4-5 issues now. A perennial search for herself and her origins to understand who she was and who she will be. Perceiving the beauty of existence itself, experiencing sometimes divergent sensations that come with great changes, emanating dormant emotions.

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