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Kate Middleton is Prince William’s number one priority after her stay in the hospital

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Kate Middleton is Prince William’s number one priority after her stay in the hospital

Prince William will continue prioritizing Kate Middleton and the well-being of her children on top of his full-time royal duties, after deciding to clear his schedule to support his wife while she recovers from abdominal surgery. All this at a time when the ‘slimmed monarchy’ that Charles III has decided to promote in England is at a minimum for medical reasons.

Although the heir to the throne resumed its public activity on Wednesday with separate events, he is not expected to fully return to his institutional duties yet. The Prince of Wales is dedicated both to caring for Kate Middleton and supporting his father after her recent cancer diagnosis.

Prince William, with Tom Cruise on his return to work. (Reuters)

William briefly returned to work first with an investiture at Windsor Castle on behalf of the king, where he also emotionally revealed a little secret about his wife’s stay in the hospital. In the evening, he attended a gala dinner in central London in his role as sponsor of the London Air Ambulance, where he also met Tom Cruise.

After this double commitment, however, You have no more homework scheduled this week. and will be next to Kate and her three children – Prince George, ten years old; Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five – again next week during their school holidays. The royal has always made it clear that, at this stage of his life, his duty to his family comes before his public role.

King Charles III, in an archive image. (Reuters)

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Royal experts assume his Kensington Palace team is in constant contact with Buckingham counterparts about the public engagements that Guillermo could attend in his father’s place in the near future. One of them could be the funeral for King Constantine of Greece that will take place on February 27.

Other engagements in which Prince William could stand in for Charles III would include new investitures or perhaps leading the royal family at events such as the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey early next month. But since the monarch has already shown his intention to stay firmly at the helm of state affairs During his treatment, it is unlikely that the future king will have to take care of any matters of capital importance.

Likewise, it is believed that Guillermo, 41, He has the 100% support of his father to return to his rhythm at work. The king has spent more and more time at Windsor Castle since his accession to the throne, often staying overnight there on Sunday nights, which has allowed him to spend more time with his eldest son and his grandchildren. to whom he is increasingly attached.

Prince William and Kate Middleton. (Getty)

The Prince of Wales, who now lives at Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate, a short distance from the castle, also often uses rooms in the historic royal residence to hold his business meetings. That’s where Kate Middleton, who was unexpectedly admitted to hospital last month to undergo what has only been described as “abdominal surgery,” is also recovering.

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He spent two weeks at the London Clinic, where Charles III also underwent his prostate operation, and is unlikely to return to royal duties until after Easter.

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