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Kevin Lauren on TikTok outbreak after Vixen: – Very wrong

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Kevin Lauren on TikTok outbreak after Vixen: – Very wrong

ARTIST: Kevin Lauren, here at Universal’s garden party in 2022. Photo: Frode Hansen / VG

Kevin Lauren (36) gave a rare speech on his way home from the Vixen Awards in Oslo on the night of Saturday. But he denies having killed anyone.


Yesterday 14:12

Updated yesterday 15:18

– TikTok life crossed the line last night as I was in a very depressed mood, writes Lauren in a text message to VG the following day.

In a more than ten-minute long live broadcast at 01:00, the 36-year-old made a series of statements that made listeners close their eyes and ears.

The rapper, influencer and reality star appeared to be in great form when he handed out an award at the Vixen Awards, the award gala that recognizes Norway’s best influencers. But after the party, the tone took on a different sound.

– Has killed

Not only did Lauren say as he strolled the streets of Oslo – and filmed himself – that he was “a little depressed depressed depressed” after Vixen, which he described as “fake and not real”.

He also said:

– I have been involved in killing two guys. I have assisted in two murders. It’s not fat. Many people ask me if I have killed. Yes, I have killed. That’s just the way it is, I’m not proud of it.

He also encouraged others to do the same.

– And you who are on that road there, and think you have to kill – I just want to say kill. Does. If that is what is right.

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– Very wrong

Lauren is clarifying now. He has not killed anyone, nor would he recommend others to do so.

When VG asks why he said all the things he did, and what he thinks about his own statements in light of the fact that he has many very young followers, he replies:

– Inciting murder is very wrong, even if I have the image I have. When I myself am having a hard time, things can come out a little wrong and violently to my followers.

VIXEN: Kevin Lauren and influencer friend Oda Rikheim at Friday’s party. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Kevin Lauren, or Kevin Soleng Hansen as he is actually called, is known for shocking and provoking. He lives by and is satisfied with the gangster image.

However, Lauren believes that seven years ago he received “a lot of undeserved crap because of the dating law”, and that he is still struggling with the aftermath.

– It still eats away at me. Back then, no “regular” people cared about me, but now so many do because I’m Kevin Lauren.

– Disgust

– I occasionally see the old world I was in before “the trenches” in the new world I have come to. Then I can experience a kind of disgust and anger, and that can result in things like life on TikTok last night.

VGTV asked Kevin Lauren to explain words like “trenches”, “cap” and “baddie” in 2022 (the article continues below):

Lauren tells VG that the years before he entered the music business were very tough, and that this time catches up with him a little at times.

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He likes to avoid celebrity parties, because he often ends up with a bad feeling.

– Everything feels so artificial and unreal through my eyes. I’m also a person that people just want and get rid of, and that can be very tiring.

Things got mixed up when Lauren and Oda Rikheim (23) handed out the prize (the article continues below):

He also feels lonely in the industry at times.

– Even though everyone wants a piece of me. It feels very superficial, and I notice that I don’t feel good mentally after such events.

– Light in the tunnel

Many followers have expressed concern about Lauren’s mental health following last night’s events.

When asked by VG about what he thinks about it, the artist replies that he likes to be open to his followers when he is struggling.

– There are plenty of influencers who only highlight the “perfect” things. There are so many depressed youth today, and when they can hear what I have been through, I hope they can understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Lauren first became known through “Paradise Hotel” in 2015. Since then, he has appeared in several reality series, such as “Norske Talenter”, “Norske Beefer” and “71 degrees north: Norway’s toughest celebrity”.

He has also established himself as a rapper, with songs such as “Loud Luxury 2022”, “Tante”, “Klubbsjel” and “HAALAND”.

The 36-year-old can boast over 174,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 20 million plays on the most popular songs.

He has nearly 75,000 followers on TikTok and over 66,000 on Instagram.

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Watch the entire Vixen Awards on VGTV (the article continues below):

The 36-year-old, who comes from Sandnes but lives in Oslo, also spoke in the TikTok broadcast about the fact that his jacket “was bought for dope money”.

In 2022, Lauren informed on his own platforms that he had served a prison sentence after he was convicted in 2021 for, among other things, illegal possession of drugs, and for driving under the influence of drugs.

The sentence was 45 days in prison – a prison stay he later elaborated on in a podcast “The Office”.

– It’s no secret that I lived a different life in the last four years before I broke through, where I was in a criminal environment, says Lauren to VG.

He expresses disappointment at not getting the respect he believes he deserves, as he “doesn’t have the same background as the average Vixen contestant”.

– Last year I lost two close friends who always helped me when I had nothing, and they lost their lives to street-related things, he says.


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Updated: 10.02.24 at 15:18

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