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La Russa, the Milan prosecutor’s office seizes his son Leonardo’s cell phone (but not the sim). The president’s staff: “No more media offenses”

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La Russa, the Milan prosecutor’s office seizes his son Leonardo’s cell phone (but not the sim).  The president’s staff: “No more media offenses”

The mysterious evening of May 18 at the exclusive Apophis Club in via Merlo is taking shape these days before the Milanese magistrates. Through the words of the boys present in the disco that night, as well as the stories of friends and acquaintances of Leonardo Apache La Russa, investigations continue into the alleged sexual violence committed by the son of the president of the Senate. Other details, then, could emerge right from telephone of the boy, delivered yesterday by himself to the agents of the Flying Squad of Milano. In fact, the prosecutor was evaluating the possibility of requesting the Senate’s authorization to proceed with the Giunta in order to be able to seize him, as the SIM is registered in the name of his father’s law firm, which is the second highest state official. A step that has been avoided for now by asking La Russa junior to hand over the phone without a sim. Which the boy did, showing up at the police station accompanied by his mother.

La Russa, expanded investigations into her son: new witnesses to understand if the girl had been drugged

Meanwhile, among those who have been called to answer the questions of investigators and investigators, a first story appears that would appear to be in contrast with the complaint presented by the 22-year-old girl who accuses her former schoolmate. Although she herself has declared that she has no memory of the hours spent in the Milan disco, an acquaintance explained that she did not seem “particularly upset”. The friend of the 22-year-old who was with her in the club, however, had written to her the following morning in a chat that she had seen her lose her lucidity after having a couple of drinks. Hence, the suspicion that the third son of the Fratelli d’Italia parliamentarian may have “drugged” her before raping her at her home at the end of the evening. From the tests she underwent at the Mangiagalli Clinic the next day, she tested positive for both cocaine and cannabis and benzodiazepines.

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It is therefore essential, in this phase of the investigation conducted by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor Rosaria Stagnaro, to collect the testimonies of as many people as possible to clarify, among other aspects, in what condition the young woman was that night. In addition to three of her friends, the mother and the owner of Apophis have already been heard, as well as some boys who may have seen or know something. Meanwhile, Leonardo’s cell phone will be searched for any contacts made starting from May 19, when the alleged victim woke up at the La Russa house without knowing what had happened. She herself, in the complaint, had declared that Apache had tried to call her on Instagram the next day, but she had not answered “out of fear”.

On your part, Ignatius LaRussa he made it known that he was “serene” because “lawyer Adriano Bazzoni is handling the case”. Intercepted yesterday by the news agencies, while he was in a bar near his law office near the courthouse, the president of the Senate limited himself to saying: “I acknowledge that I have never said a word about this matter ». To “protect the honor” of his family from “political speculation”, however, the president of the Senate – confirming that he has “full confidence in the work of the magistrates” – has mandated another lawyer to collect “all the elements which go beyond the normal exercise of the right to report and criticize”.

It is no longer tolerable the conduct of those who replace prosecutors with claims for investigations and preliminary inquiries, his staff communicated in a statement. “The work of left-wing associations that put up posters and herald political and defamatory flashmobs goes beyond all respect. Not to mention social media. For these reasons, the invitation is renewed to rely solely on the work of the investigators and it is hoped that all political speculation in the matter will end”. In the last few hours, in fact, some posters posted by the feminist movement Non una di meno have appeared in Milan with the words «el violador eres tu» and the photo of a father and son whose faces are covered by two strips of text with the words «i their money to the patriarchal anti-violence center system» and «sister, we believe you».

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