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La Trinidad from Malaga announce their #GPS13 dates

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La Trinidad from Malaga announce their #GPS13 dates

the band from malaga The Trinity get back on the road. This time with an eight-date tour that is part of the cycle Spinning Through Roomsspecifically of #GPS13.

Since they released their album “The Collapsing Buildings” (Sonido Muchacho, 20), La Trinidad have been releasing new songs such as “Las vistas del Barrio Alto”, “Jorge Enamorado” or “Qué asco de primavera!”, songs that will possibly be part of their next album and that At the moment they make up an EP that takes the name of the last of these three songs that we have just mentioned.

If you like guitar pop from bands like The Replacements, La Paloma o black diamond, surely it is more than easy for you to join the proposal of the people of Malaga. But now let’s go to the dates so you don’t miss the opportunity to see them in concert.

You can see them in Lugo (April 8, Sala Clavicémbalo), Murcia (April 22, Sala Revolver), Castellon (April 28, Sala Terra; entries here), He stood up to me (6 May, Sala Guion Clube), Oviedo (May 13, La Salvaje Room), Zaragoza (May 19, La Lata de Bombillas Room), Bilbao (May 26, Santana Room 27) and gijon (May 27, Tizón Room). You can buy tickets at www.wegow.com.

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