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Labor commission admitted 100% disbursement, since when will I be able to get my money?

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Labor commission admitted 100% disbursement, since when will I be able to get my money?

With 21 votes in favor, one against and one abstention, the Economic Commission of the Congress of the Republic approved this Wednesday the 17th the opinion that allows the release of 100% of the CTS until December 2024. As recalled, this benefit It is delivered to private sector workers in the months of May and November.

It should be noted that last Tuesday, the Labor and Social Security commission approved by majority to expand the ruling that allows the withdrawal of funds. With 11 votes in favor and three abstentions, the parliamentarians agreed to send the document to the Economy Commission, where it was widely discussed and approved to go to the Plenary Session.

The document allows employees to withdraw their CTS until December 31, 2024 “in order to cover the need due to the current economic crisis.” The opinion brings together projects 7010/2023-CR, 7130/2023-CR, 7152/2023-CR, 7358/2023-CR, 7400/2023-CR, and 7468/2023-CR. If it has the majority of votes of the Plenary, the project will be sent to the Executive for its promulgation or observation.

  • César Revilla: in favor
  • Alejandro Cavero: against
  • Jorge Morante Figari: in favour
  • Víctor Flores Ruiz: in favor
  • Juan Carlos Lizarzaburu: in favor
  • Tania Ramírez García: in favor
  • Américo Gonza Castillo: in favor
  • Editit Julón Irigoín: in favor
  • María Acuña Peralta: in favor
  • Nieves Limachi Quispe: in favor
  • Isabel Cortez: a favor
  • Alex Paredes Gonzáles: in favor
  • Germán Tacuri Valdivia: in favor
  • Jorge Montoya Manrique: in favor
  • Noelia Herrera Medina: in favor
  • Carlos Anderson Ramírez: in favor
  • Varas Meléndez: in favor
  • Monteza Facho: in favor
  • Flores Ancachi: a favor
  • José Luna Gálvez: in favor
  • Adriana Tudela: abstention
  • López Urena: in favor
  • Mita Alanoca: in favor
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After, predictably, being approved by the Economy Commission, the Congress of the Republic could debate and approve, between the first and second week of May, the proposal that allows the withdrawal of 100% of the Compensation for Time of Service (CTS). ). The initiative, which has received broad support in its commission phase, was highlighted by the president of the Economy Commission, César Revilla, who was optimistic about rapid approval in plenary.

There are many workers who resort to disbursing this amount to settle some accounts. | Infobae Peru (Camila Calderón) / Andina

The measure, which seeks to release CTS funds until December 2024, responds to an improvement in the economy that, according to Revilla Villanueva, highlighted the decrease in the need for this type of projects for next year.

The main commission hopes to debate and approve the proposal on Wednesday, April 17, and then it will be scheduled in the Plenary Session of Congress on Thursday, May 2 or 9. Revilla expressed confidence in majority approval and noted that a unanimous vote could speed up the debate process.

After approval in the Plenary Session of Congress, the Executive Branch would have 10 days to enact or observe the law, allowing workers to access their CTS funds without problems from June.

Congressional Labor Commission approved the withdrawal of the CTS. RPP

  • Passion Dávila in favor
  • Isabel Cortez a favor
  • Mary Zeta Chunga in favor
  • Jorge Morante in favor
  • Tania Ramírez in favor
  • María del Carmen Alva in favor
  • María Agüero in favor
  • Jaime Quito Sarmiento in abstention
  • Noelia Herrera Medina in abstention
  • Adriana Tudela in abstention
  • Susel Paredes a favor
  • Raúl Doroteo in favor
  • Jorge Coayla a favor
  • Carlos Alva in favor
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This will be the payment of the CTS. – Andina Credit

Unlike the AFP withdrawal, whose maximum amount is 4 UITs, or 20,600 soles, people will be able to access 100% of their CTS funds, given that the ruling contemplates it.

As noted, the only thing that varies among all the withdrawn proposals is the term granted (also validated in the “economic needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”), with eight proposing to extend this until the end of 2024, five until 2025 and one until 2026. The project approved this afternoon allows access to 100% of the CTS until December 31, 2024.

  • Medium and large companies: the amount of the CTS varies depending on the time worked in the semester. If the worker has worked the entire semester (November 2023-April 2024), the CTS to be deposited will be 50% of the April 2024 salary, plus one sixth of the bonus received in December 2023.
  • Small business: is one whose annual income did not exceed 1,700 UIT (S/8 million 755,000).
  • Microenterprise: Refers to any company, whose annual income does not exceed 150 UIT (S/772,500).

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