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Le Pen hands over to Bardella, the 27-year-old of Italian origins elected president amid controversy

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Le Pen hands over to Bardella, the 27-year-old of Italian origins elected president amid controversy

At just 27, Jordan Bardella takes the Rassemblement National, heir to the Front National. For the first time in its history, the French far-right party is no longer led by a member of the Le Pen family – first the founder Jean-Marie, then his daughter Marine. The latter, who has identified and chosen the successor of her who defeated the field of internal opponents, now has hands free to dedicate herself to the umpteenth Elysée race in 2027.

The newly elected president, who obtained 85% of the votes of the 26,000 adherents and beaten the former Le Pen teammate, Louis Aliot, appeared very launched after having broken through the stages of a political career that began ten years ago. He was, then, an adherent and sympathizer “bewitched” by Marine Le Pen, who for her went to the streets to post posters. She mostly did it in her neighborhood in the most difficult suburb of Paris, in Drancy. There lived, in difficult conditions, his family of Italian origins, which he recalled in his first speech as president: «We were not French but for the love of France we became. My family – he added – had come wandering from the north of Italy in the 1960s. The French Republic has recognized us as her children ».

From poverty to limitless ambition: «We will take the place of Emmanuel Macron. With him, France is like an unmanned plane ». The issues on which he insisted are the cornerstones of the extreme right, order, discipline and above all hostility to immigration: «France must not be the hotel of the world. The people of France are forced to undergo a migration policy which they have not chosen ”.

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“Bravo Jordan,” tweeted a smiling Marine Le Pen immediately after the speech, who listened sitting on the stage a few meters from the young dolphin. However, according to many analysts, he seems to want to “radicalize” the party by moving towards positions similar to those of the polemicist Eric Zemmour and isolating “social lepenism”.

Among the most discontented, one of the men closest to Le Pen, Steeve Briois, the mayor of Hénin-Beaumont sacked by the party’s governing bodies, who spoke of “purges and stunted ideas”. But it is not the only controversy of these hours in the house of the RN, grappling with the echoes of the controversy over the expulsion from parliament for fifteen days of the deputy Grégoire de Fournas. De Fournas had shouted to his left-wing colleague Carlos Martens Bilongo, who was talking about relief for immigrants, “let him go back to Africa!” Faithful to his decisive attitude and little inclined to compromise, Bardella in his first speech denounced a “manhunt against a deputy” by “professionals of selective indignation”.

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