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“Let’s Dance”: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen bullied – “They called me Dumbo” | Entertainment

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“Let’s Dance”: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen bullied – “They called me Dumbo” |  Entertainment

It’s not for nothing that a favorite word in “Let’s Dance” is the so-called hero’s journey: celebrities come to learn to dance and often discover a completely new emotional side of themselves. That’s how Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) feels.

The influencer was known before the show by her Instagram name “Monkey on Bike”, travels around the world on her motorcycle and is considered a nature girl.

The influencer traveled around the world on her bike for over three years and shared her experiences with her 486,000 followers

Photo: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, affe_auf_bike/Instagram

What many people didn’t know: There’s a bittersweet story behind her social media name. “I was bullied throughout school because of my ears. “I was just the little mouse in the corner at school,” Ann-Kathrin tells BILD.

“I always put up with everything. There were sayings like ‘You can fly with your ears’ or they called me Dumbo or a monkey.” For Ann-Kathrin it was a terrible experience. “It really hurt me and I went into the school toilet and cried.”

The young influencer wore an evening dress for the first time in her life on “Let’s Dance”.

Foto: picture alliance / Panama Pictures

The shy girl with no self-confidence is now becoming a strong woman – a true metamorphosis thanks to “Let’s Dance”!

“At the beginning I was so afraid of showing my sexy and feminine side,” Ann-Kathrin tells BILD. “I’m starting to feel comfortable now.”

This childhood photo of Ann-Kathrin shows her at a time when many children at school teased her because of her protruding ears

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Photo: private

Ann-Kathrin is becoming more self-confident week by week, inside and out. The change is also reflected in the look. From biker gear to evening dresses. From no makeup to false eyelashes. And artificial fingernails.

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“I had acrylic nails done for the first time and it cost 40 euros. I always had dirt under my fingernails because I travel so much on my motorcycle. The other girls here have such beautiful nails, so I thought I’d do the same.”

Ann-Kathrin has transformed – and her nails have too

Photo: Pervin Inan-Serttas

Last week Ann-Kathrin wore gloves for her waltz, this Friday she’s dancing a Cha Cha Cha – and can show how much fire she has.

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