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Love instead of blows: It’s Valentine’s Day – high time to bury the hatchet between these squabblers

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Love instead of blows: It’s Valentine’s Day – high time to bury the hatchet between these squabblers

Thick air between Nati coach Murat Yakin and Granit Xhaka.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. But unfortunately in football there is not only romantic sunshine, but also unpleasant feuds. On the day of love, these seven conflicts should disappear into thin air.

Last May, the Basel captain was banned for eight games after headbutting the FCZ player. In the fall, the two hot-blooded footballers clashed again, and both were shown yellow cards for unsportsmanlike behavior in stoppage time. After the game, Xhaka wore a T-shirt depicting his violence against Katic.

There was no duel on January 21st because Xhaka was not available to FCB due to a suspension. On March 30th there will be another match between Basel and Zurich. It is to be hoped that the two aggressive leaders will be able to view their private duel through rose-colored glasses by then, instead of turning in the red zone as they did recently.

Taulant Xhaka wears a shirt that depicts his headbutt against FCZ defender Nikola Katic.


Görtler and the referees

Speaking of red: his controversial sending off against Lugano after three minutes made the FCSG captain furious. The German followed up on social media and mocked referee Fähndrich with an ironic “Do you understand fun?” Instagram post.

The 29-year-old has been regularly arguing with the referees since his arrival in eastern Switzerland in 2019. The introduction of VAR didn’t make his life any easier either. But Görtler also had to admit in the football program Home Game: Refereeing is the hardest job in the football business.

He himself refereed an amateur game in his home village and experienced first-hand the challenges that come with being a referee. That’s why it’s high time to reconcile.

Lukas Görtler talks about his refereeing experience: “It was catastrophic”

In the football talk home game, Lukas Görtler talks about the moment when he himself acted as a referee at a football game.


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Aarau coach Alex Frei showed the audience the middle finger during his team’s 2-1 away win in the derby against Baden at the end of January. The Swiss Football League’s disciplinary judge suspended him for three games for the “unsightly gesture”, but the Baden fans may not have been entirely innocent of the escalation.

Frei then publicly expressed remorse and apologized. But in every relationship you have to be able to forgive in order to allow positive feelings to arise again.

A symbolic act would be desirable for rapprochement. The Swiss national team’s record goalscorer (42 goals) could offer striker training at Baden. A lesson from Frei would also be good for the Challenge League’s weakest attacking team (along with Bellinzona) (19 goals in 21 games).

Granit Xhaka and Murat Yakin

After the 2-2 draw against Kosovo, Granit Xhaka criticized the national team’s training performance and said that he was “not surprised” by the Swiss’ weak performance. The criticism was aimed directly at Murat Yakin.

The Nati coach downplayed the dispute, but the public power struggle was launched – and is still smoldering. After the difficult qualification, the big tournament is now coming up in the summer. Then the two figureheads of the country must exude love and unity. Xhaka’s crosshairs should now be love for his superior. A happy ending is still the best way to achieve sporting success.

The two exceptional talents have been in a relationship with ups and downs for almost twenty years. The two fan camps in particular have been irreconcilable for a long time. There is malice and ridicule for the opponent, adulation for one’s own idol. The “Messi-Ronaldo rivalry” even has its own (and detailed) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In order to make the world a better place again, the followers of the CR7 disciples and Messiah followers must finally nip the “GOAT” debate in the bud. Otherwise, the discussion will continue for a long time even after the two superstars retire, without harmony being able to return to the football world.

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Shut up – Cristiano Ronaldo.


Lothar Matthäus and Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel had a dispute that lasted for days last November. Before and after the top game against Dortmund, Tuchel reacted irritably to the criticism from Matthäus (and Dietmar Hamann) following FC Bayern’s DFB Cup exit at third division club 1. FC Saarbrücken. After the clear success in Dortmund, Tuchel had a verbal duel with Matthäus.

To this day, the German record international player still doesn’t understand why Tuchel put him through the wringer. «You can talk to me about anything. That was the case before. “I try not to let anything become personal,” he explained recently. “Just as I accept him, he should accept me,” emphasized Matthäus and stated before the Bundesliga top battle: “If I say that Bayer Leverkusen is playing more attractively than Bayern Munich this season, then more people will certainly sign yes than that with no.”

How the top game ended is known. While Tuchel now has his back against the wall even more, Matthäus continued to hit it after the slap in Leverkusen. He accused Tuchel of several tactical lapses.

But Matthäus should now stop his attacks. The 62-year-old was once a trainer himself. His track record on paper is – to put it nicely – modest. A peace whistle between former colleagues would be a nice gesture.

Liverpool’s coach made fun of the former Reds professional in 2022 when he was confronted by a journalist with his critical statements. «Oh great. He is a fantastic source and is very respected everywhere,” said Klopp ironically. He also didn’t accept the fact that Hamann played in Liverpool for many years as an argument: “That doesn’t give you the right to say what you want. Especially if you have no idea.”

At that time, Klopp and his team were going through a difficult time in terms of sport. In the league, the team, which is used to success, even languished in 10th place at times. After the highs, Klopp’s seventh year seemed to turn into a brutal crash.

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Liverpool have now turned the corner and are on track in both the championship and the Champions League. Klopp has announced his retirement after the season because he wants to recharge his batteries. Before the German leaves Anfield, he should reconcile with Hamann.

There is no doubt that his compatriot knows a lot about football. Hamann is not afraid to have an uncomfortable opinion – and to express it publicly. But the 50-year-old would also express his views to people’s faces, as the 2005 Champions League winner explained during his debut interview as a blue sports expert.

Hamann is right: Honesty is the basis of every relationship – even if it sometimes hurts. What he (and Marco Streller) have to say on Wednesday evening in the Champions League studio at blue Sport will certainly have something to say.

“What I mean on TV, I would say to people’s faces.”

Didi Hamann is the new blue sports expert. The 2005 Champions League winner talks in an interview about Yann Sommer, FC Bayern Munich and the new CL campaign.



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