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Made For Humans II, review of the album in Mondo Sonoro (2023)

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Made For Humans II, review of the album in Mondo Sonoro (2023)

Three years after releasing the project with a self-titled album, the duo formed by Miguel López (Digital 21) and Stefan Olsdal (Placebo) returns with the second volume of the project that they both share under the name of Made For Humans. As was the case with the first installment, they offer an instrumental album woven from classical music components, which reacts positively to contact with electronics and results in cinematographic scenes, especially inspired by the science fiction genre or even suitable for scoring cutting-edge nature documentaries.

This is what happens with a total of ten pieces maintained in balance between beauty and concern, faithfully representative of that duality that moves the world out there and moves between the beautiful and the disturbing. The sequence of the pieces on the LP itself develops at will and encourages us to stop time or, at least, to relegate it to the background, highlighting the content right in front of a listener who, with some effort, can isolate himself from everything for the duration. thirty minutes. It happens with the epic (almost religious) of what was the first single extracted from the reference“Xistence”which also inaugurates the launch, but also in “Time Circle”that peace rocked in “Distance”, “Ikigai” or one “We Are Explorers” which might be the most daring of the lot until “Reincarnation” comes full circle.

“Made For Humans II” It is, at the same time, a classic album (in appearance and elements) and very contemporary (in consequences and those sensations it transmits), suggesting different states about one’s own existence. But, above all, it is an elegant work built on the basis of very careful and worked arrangements, searched with determination and that leave in its wake an album noticeably more nuanced than its predecessor, in addition to (re)confirming the synergy derived from the union of both musicians. A grateful (even necessary) parenthesis to place oneself in an existential journey in which avoiding pain and anxiety has become a constant.

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