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Malaysia with statement on MH370 – new search underway

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Malaysia with statement on MH370 – new search underway

His wife disappeared ten years ago aboard MH370 and has never been found.

And although Sunday was a sad day, when several relatives met to remember in Kuala Lumpur, there was also reason to rejoice.

On Sunday, the authorities in Malaysia announced that they may start a new search for the missing plane.

As the country’s transport minister, Anthony Loke, said:

“The government is determined to locate MH370. We really hope to be able to find the plane and deliver the truth to the next of kin.’

It was on March 8 that the 239 people on board the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur on their way to Beijing.

Shortly after takeoff, MH370 disappeared from radar over the Indian Ocean, and it has never been clear what happened.

Although there have been many theories. And although possible wreckage has been found.

According to Malay The Sun Transport Minister Anthony Loke has invited the American company Ocean Infinity to a meeting where they will present a proposal for the new search.

The last search for the plane ended in 2018, and the government has previously made it clear that it will only reopen a new one of its kind if there is fertile ground for positive results based on clues or new techniques.

And it should be now.

“I am pleased that there is progress in the new research and the new technologies that have been presented to us,” says Anthony Loke, according to The Sun.

However, the financial prerequisites must first be clarified. Not least in relation to the further process, if it actually succeeds in finding MH370.

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But the media describe it as a formality that the new search must be approved.

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