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Marko Kon in the hospital | Fun

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Marko Kon in the hospital |  Fun

Milica Kon spoke up and revealed the current state of her husband Marko Kon.

Izvor: AMG video/printscreen

Marko Kon he ended up in the hospital after suddenly falling ill on Sunday. Due to the quick reaction of his friends, the singer and composer was taken care of in the Emergency Center, where he was immediately examined.

His wife, presenter Milica Kon, has now spoken to the media and talked about Marko’s health. She explained what exactly happened, and pointed out that he is much better now and that he is awaiting tests. As she explained, Kon also has an inflammation of the middle ear, which is why he started feeling dizzy.

“It’s true that he got sick, he was in the emergency room. He got sick while he was with Amidžić and his brother, so they took him there. He was examined and released home, now he’s OK. He also has inflammation of the middle ear, which causes dizziness. The important thing is that he is fine now, he will have to go for some tests, and he is going to the doctor today. Thank you for your concern,” said Milica.

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