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Mathilde Storm about the sex scene in the Netflix hit “One Day”:

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Mathilde Storm about the sex scene in the Netflix hit “One Day”:

– Now it’s enough to say that I’ve done a sick sex scene in a Netflix series, was the first thing Mathilde Storm (24) thought when the series “One Day” was released on the streaming service.

During the summer holidays a few years ago, she was contacted in connection with the role of Tove in the Netflix series, and here they were looking for a Scandinavian girl for a nude scene, where she would have “wild sex and a big orgasm”.

– Didn’t speak for two months

– I thought: “Yes, I can do that”, says Storm laughingly to Dagbladet.

During a holiday in Málaga with her friends, she therefore had to make a self-tape.

– So then I was just “chilling” with a mojito and was a bit like this: “Hi, my name is Mathilde and I’m from Norway. I would like to have ‘wild sex’ and that would be a lot of fun”. And finally I got it and they said I seemed exuberant and crazy, says Storm, who has played in “Rådebank” and “Innebandykrigerne”, among other things.

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– Skeptical

“One Day” is a British television series based on the 2009 novel of the same name by David Nicholls, as well as the film adaptation. It deals with the turbulent relationship between Emma, ​​played by Ambika Mod (29), and Dexter, played by Leo Woodall (27).

Woodall, who is also known from the HBO hit “The White Lotus”, shares the screen with Storm during the intimate scene.

Broke down during recording

– Leo was so wonderfully nice, and sent me a message the day before. Then we drank a few glasses and got to know each other a little better. The whole crew was out drinking together in Rome, and when we said yes, he also sent a message and wrote that it was nice. He’s just a really nice guy and it was fantastic to work with him. I am very happy for the time I have had with him, says Storm.

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INTIMATE: In the series she plays alongside Leo Woodall. Photo: Netflix Show more

She does not hide that she was a little skeptical about the nude scene and showing her body to “the whole world” at the start.

– But I think it’s very important to normalize the body, and I’ve never been one to have such big tits, but it’s something I think you should also show. Body is sexy and I can only own it and be proud of it.

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– Never had so much bush

During the choreography in bed, both actors were equipped with a fake abdomen which, for Storm’s part, was covered with beard hair.

FAKE GENITALIA: Storm was fitted with a fake vagina with pubic hair during filming. Photo: Privat/Mathilde Storm Show more

– I had the cutest little note. He had a beige sock that you tape around your pee. I had a kind of susp, almost like a g-string without the straps on the side made of a hard material so that it fits. And this was supposed to be in the 90s so hair was trendy, and I’ve never had such a big bush before in my entire life. And then they use a man’s beard because that is what most resembles pubic hair. They put a lot of man hair on those panties.

There were several costume makers who helped Storm get the hairy suspension on, and she does not hide the fact that she got to know the crew who helped her well.

BEARD HAIR: The costume designers glued on hair from beards to mimic real pubic hair. Photo: Privat/Mathilde Storm Show more

– I have never had so many ladies down before, says Storm, and continues:

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– I thought the sex scene was a lot of fun, and when I look back on it, I think I could have gone even crazier. I kind of regret not doing it.

Storm believes it is important to promote different bodies and the view we have of bodies, and emphasizes that it is something Norway should be even better at.

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– Sex can be uncomfortable for many people, even if you only play in front of a screen. It’s nice to be able to get it a little up and in the light in Norway too, I feel that they are starting to get a little more involved now, but it’s still not 100 percent.

– I feel I am a voice for those of us who are concerned with sex, she adds with a laugh.

– It’s driving my mind

– Was like a couple in love

Storm received close follow-up with an intimacy coordinator during the recording of the sex scene.

– England is 100 years ahead of Norway when it comes to intimate scenes and intimate coordinators. As soon as I got the role, it only took a couple of days before I was contacted by the intimacy coordinator Kat.

COORDINATOR: There were several preparations ahead of recording with both an intimate coordinator and fake body parts. Photo: Privat/Mathilde Storm Show more

The coordinator made it clear to Storm that she could withdraw at any time and that she was always available. She also had Storm and Woodall perform certain exercises ahead of the intimate scene.

– Both Leo and I were like: “My God, we’ve both done sex scenes before. Do we somehow have to go through these exercises?”. A bit small like that. But then she said: “Thank me later, you won’t regret this”. Then we did some insane exercises, where we succeeded in breaking down the walls between us right away.

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Among other things, the duo had to work on eye contact and tell each other where it was okay for them to touch each other.

– We just melted together, it was as if we were a couple in love the moment we were in that room.

– Mom found out

When Storm looks back on the experience, she does not regret having participated in the intimate scene, and sees it as a major driving force in her career.

– Is not romantic

– I am very happy to do things that are a bit scary and out of my comfort zone, such as showing my boobs on TV. And to be able to own it too. I get a great drive from doing things I wouldn’t normally do.

Messages also flow into the inbox from followers who have discovered Storm in the new Netflix series.

– It’s something I’ve learned that that’s what it’s like to be in that industry. It is important for me to focus on the very nice messages I get as well. It gives me so much.

She has also received different reactions from family and friends, and the actress’s mother was particularly excited about her daughter’s performance.

Great similarity: – Of course super nice

– I didn’t say anything to her, but she has called around to the whole family that I am in that series and was filming in Rome. I still haven’t said anything about me being in that sex scene, but my mom found out two weeks ago. I think she decided not to watch it to back me off, but the rest of my friends think it’s really funny.

At the time of writing, Storm is in Cambodia on holiday with her friend Mathea, and she is looking forward to upcoming projects, including the role of Camilla in the cartoon “Armageddon” together with Aksel Hennie (48).

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