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Miljana Kulić hits her head Fun

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Miljana Kulić hits her head  Fun

Miljana Kulić experienced a hysterical attack in front of Pink’s cameras in the reality show Zadruga

Source: Zadruga official

Miljana Kulić, a participant in the reality show Couples, Maldives and Cooperative, had a nervous breakdown during the nominations at the White House in Šimanovci. Miljana, who was kicked out of the Emergency Center a few days ago due to inappropriate behavior, broke down in tears during an argument with her mother, Marija Kulić.

Miljana then started crying and asked the production to let her out, “because it’s better than her hurting someone in the house”.

“I will wait until the end of the nominations and then I will go. Let me out of here, don’t let me hit someone with a stone, let me go home, I won’t last another three months. You said you were going to let us go, is that how you’re going to let us go,” screamed Miljana, after which she started hitting herself on the head and slapping herself.


Miljana Kulić hits her head
Source: YouTube/ Zadruga Official

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