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MMA: Ange Loosa’s fight stopped due to finger in the eye

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MMA: Ange Loosa’s fight stopped due to finger in the eye

Published17. March 2024, 08:48

MMA: Ange Loosa’s fight stopped due to finger in the eye

The highly anticipated clash between Chaux-de-Fonnier and Bryan Battle, last night in Las Vegas, could not go to the end: the fight was stopped by the referee. A decision not at all to the taste of the American, who accuses the Swiss of having exaggerated.


The clash ended without a winner, but with a lot of animosity.

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It was to be Ange Loosa’s big night, on the eve of her 30th birthday (Monday). But his high-profile fight against Bryan Battle in Las Vegas, which was featured on the “co-main” card of the 88 UFC meeting, could not come to an end. It ended in a “No contest” (no winner), the Neuchâtel resident having had to throw in the towel after receiving a finger in the eye on the second round.

No winner, but great animosity: even before leaving the octagon, Bryan Battle immediately declared that his opponent had added more to avoid defeat. The American called the Swiss a “wimp” (in a slightly less chastened version), to which Ange Loosa responded straight away: “I’m going to kill you”, promised the Swiss, no doubt in optics of a repetition of the poster.

With a nice pedigree before this Saturday (13 fights, 10 victories, 5 KOs, 1 submission), the Chaux-de-Fonier fighter could change dimension in the event of victory against a posh opponent. Ange Loosa started well in Nevada, but was quickly put in difficulty by his opponent’s offensive arsenal.

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Forced to react in the second of three rounds, the Swiss defended himself well, avoiding being taken to the ground. But it was in this maneuver that he received the finger of the aptly named Bryan Battle in the eye, forcing the doctor to enter the octagon. Ange Loosa then made it clear that he could not continue in these conditions, causing the frustration of his opponent.

Bryan Battle certainly seemed to have gained an advantage, but the fight was still very long and there was no indication that Ange Loosa would have lost it. Not at all the opinion of the American, who added more at a press conference. “He knew he was going to lose and he had no other way to escape defeat than to fake it with his eye. I knew it wasn’t that bad, I’ve been in this situation before. He was getting his butt kicked and he knows it very well,” cursed Bryan Battle. Atmosphere.

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