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MotoGP 2023. It’s a record-breaking Pecco Bagnaia: “This bike has lost a little top speed but has gained a lot in handling!” -MotoGP

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MotoGP 2023. It’s a record-breaking Pecco Bagnaia: “This bike has lost a little top speed but has gained a lot in handling!”  -MotoGP

The driver immediately hit the double, winning the Saturday and Sunday races. He analyzed the weekend, talked about the many injuries and the next GP, in Argentina

March 26, 2023

Phere is Bagnaia will remember this Portuguese weekend as something like perfection. First to win one Sprint, first to do shotgun, after 15 years he brought a motorbike back to victory with number 1.

He shared the podium with four different riders, yesterday Martin and Marc Marquez today Vinales and his friend Bezzecchi. This means that he already has a bit of a lead in the standings. In fact, the second is Vinales, trailing by 12 points: 37 to 25.

Bagnaia retraced the weekend, starting from the differences between the GP22 and the GP23…

“Last year’s bike had some problems and it was only when we came together that we solved the problems. This year the bike adapts more to my riding style, it has lost some top speed but it has gained a lot in rideability “

About the race…

“I was a bit on the hook with the front tire and eventually with the rear tyre. But the tires are the same as last year, when we were lapping 7-8 tenths slower. I knew I had to manage. I’m delighted to have started in this way. The medal has been reversed compared to last year”

On his lucidity as he runs…

“Let’s say that when you feel comfortable with the bike everything goes a bit in this direction here”

DAfter the Sprint, is physical or psychological recovery more difficult?

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“Physically not too much, but we’ll see later on more demanding tracks like Texas or Mugello. Mentally, however, I was tired after two peaks of adrenaline which are qualifying and the race… I was tired in the evening. It was the first race, it takes a little adaptation”

Is there a theme impetuosity of the pilots? After a weekend two riders in the hospital, Marquez injured, Martin a broken finger, isn’t that a bit much?

“I’m not sure what happened (he hadn’t quite understood Marquez’s accident yet, ed), surely the first race of the year leads to being aggressive like this, I just know that Oliveira took a big hit and I hope it’s just the first race. Yesterday everyone railed against the Sprint but it seems to me that today’s race was on the same level again. I repeat: in my opinion it’s not the Sprint factor or the normal race but the approach of each rider”

Still working at Ducati…

“We’re working well, we’re trying to be the best part of us. I really like the new bike, it’s similar to the old one but it suits my riding style more”

Was it the race you were expecting?

“As for pace, yes, I knew we wouldn’t go too many laps on 38, the tire is the same as in other years… we’ve already been fast like this. I knew the rear tire would react differently after the Moto2 race, we did our best and we managed well, without exaggerating”

On the next GP, that of Argentina…

“We’ll see in Argentina, it’s not very simple for us. I expect a different weekend, because we didn’t test there, but we have high potential and I expect to do well if I work”

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