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Motorcycle Gangs on the Rise in New York City: 2,500 Illegal Mopeds Seized Last Year

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Motorcycle Gangs on the Rise in New York City: 2,500 Illegal Mopeds Seized Last Year

New York City Police Seize 2,500 Illegal Mopeds, Bust Criminal Gang Led by Venezuelan Immigrant

The New York City Police Department reported a significant increase in the number of illegal moped seizures in the city last year, with a total of 2,500 mopeds confiscated. This number represents a 70% increase from the previous year. Additionally, there have been reports of criminals using light motorcycles to commit crimes, with a recent incident occurring in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Late on Sunday night, a Chinese delivery man was attacked by four gangsters riding mopeds while he was making a food delivery. The gangsters surrounded the delivery man, forcibly removed him from his motorcycle, and stole the vehicle before fleeing the scene. The incident, which took place on the Manhattan Bridge, has sparked concerns about the rise in motorcycle gang-related crimes in the city.

The New York City Police Department has identified Venezuelan immigrant Victor Parra as the leader of a criminal gang involved in motorcycle gang activities. Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny revealed that Parra’s gang has been targeting victims in Lower Manhattan, committing a total of 62 crimes since November last year, often targeting women and stealing their bags and finances.

Kenny also disclosed that Parra utilized the messaging app WhatsApp to direct his subordinates to commit crimes. He would send messages indicating a need for money, prompting his associates to carry out robberies on bicycles. Parra also reportedly hired programmers to hack into stolen phones and access financial accounts stored on them.

In a recent operation, the New York City police arrested several members of Parra’s gang at the Bronx Government Building. However, Parra himself remains at large and is being pursued by law enforcement.

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The increase in illegal moped seizures and the activities of Parra’s criminal gang have raised concerns about motorcycle gang-related crime in New York City. Law enforcement officials are working to address these issues and ensure the safety and security of residents in the city.

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