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Musk: Political attacks on me will escalate dramatically in coming months | Twitter | Elections | Democrats

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Musk: Political attacks on me will escalate dramatically in coming months | Twitter | Elections | Democrats

[EpochTimesMay192022](The Epoch Times reporter Daphra comprehensive report) Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday (May 18) that he believes that the Democratic Party has become a “party of division and hatred” and Revealed he will now “vote Republican” and said the political attack on him would escalate sharply.

Elon Musk has been critical of Twitter’s censorship of speech, saying it was the most important reason he bought Twitter. He has come under constant attack from the left since he said he would buy Twitter.

Musk made comments in a tweet on Wednesday, saying he had voted Democrat in the past but can no longer do so.

“I voted Democrats in the past because they were (mostly) a good party,” Musk said. “But they’ve become a party of division and hatred, so I can’t support them anymore, and then I’ll vote Republican.”

“Now, see how their dirty tricks against me unfold…” Musk added, who also tweeted a popcorn emoji.

“The political attacks on me will escalate dramatically in the coming months,” and “judging by the ruthless hatestream of the far left, this tweet is correct,” Musk followed up with a post.

Musk’s comments came a day after he appeared on the All-In Podcast conference, where he said he would vote Republican in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Historically, I voted overwhelmingly Democrat — overwhelmingly. I’m not so sure, I probably never voted Republican. I’m going to make it clear, now this election, I will.” Musk said.

Twitter accepted Musk’s offer and on April 25 accepted Musk’s offer to buy the company, but the social media giant has come under intense scrutiny from Musk over the company’s true number of fake accounts, which he believes are fake. The number of accounts is much higher than what Twitter claims.

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Musk said the deal was “on hold” until Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal provided “evidence” that spam accounts accounted for less than 5 percent of Twitter’s total users.

“20% fake/spam accounts, while 4x what Twitter claims, may be *much higher*. My quote is based on Twitter’s SEC filings that are accurate. Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refuses to show <5% proof. The deal cannot go forward until he provides (evidence)." Musk tweeted.

Traditionalists applaud leftist attack

On a live All-In Podcast at the Miami tech conference, Musk explained to the host why he was shifting his political stance, saying that Democrats are not necessarily controlled by the people, but by special interests.

“The problem here is that Democrats are over-controlled by unions and trial lawyers — especially class action lawyers,” he explained.

He added: “Generally, if you see something that’s not in the interests of the Democrats, it’s going to be because of the unions — it’s just another form of monopoly — and the trial lawyers.”

Musk has claimed to be a “moderate” in the past.

The news that Musk will vote Republican in the next election still shocked Twitter users and sparked a heated debate.

Conservative radio host Buck Sexton praised the move, tweeting that Musk knew how “crazy” it was to vote Democrat. He wrote, “Be sane or crazy… Musk knows this. Good move.”

“So Musk declared freedom. Good,” tweeted conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“Perhaps the left should reflect on why people are fleeing from them,” wrote independent journalist Tim Pool.

Radio host Mark Kaye responded to the news on Twitter, “After supporting Democrats all his life, Musk says he will eventually vote Republican. If you’ve voted Republican before, Please be proud to know that you are smarter than the richest person in the world.”

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Those on the left were even more outraged at Musk’s statement.

MSNBC political commentator Elizabeth Spiers tweeted: “Given his epic history of lying and his actual behavior in the real world, I would like to see evidence that he never *never* voted. to the Republicans.”

Lindsey Boylan, a former assistant to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, wrote: “This guy just wants attention. He may have been the richest man in the world for a while; Among the powerful, he can’t stop seeking attention. Having so much and feeling so little. How frustrating.”

Liberal political organizer Ben Spielberg claimed Musk’s shift in politics was to “beat” his own ego: “Like Elon Musk, Donald Trump (Trump) It feels convenient to switch back and forth between the two major parties with billionaires like Mike Bloomberg, both for the super-rich. They know neither supports actual economic justice, so just do it It boosts their self-esteem.”

Top Twitter official calls Musk ‘disabled’

In a newly released video from Project Veritas, Musk names a Twitter executive who was caught mocking Musk’s Asperger’s syndrome.

Alex Martinez, identified by “The Truth Project” as Twitter’s lead customer partnership executive, is blaming his incoming boss for changing Twitter’s policies to support free speech.

“He has Asperger’s. So he’s ‘special’!” Martinez told an undercover Truth Project reporter in a video posted on Tuesday. “You’re special needs! You really are special needs.”

“Special needs”, the Cambridge dictionary definition is “special needs (of a person who is ill or has a special condition)”, such as “The Special Olympics”.

“So I can’t even take what you said seriously,” Martinez added.

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Musk responded to the comments: “Twitter execs denigrate free speech and mock people with Asperger’s…”.

Musk also tweeted a frowning emoji in response to the video separately.

Musk will have an ideological clash with Twitter

On Monday, The Truth Project released another video of Twitter’s senior engineer Siru Murugesan, in which Murugesan said Twitter “doesn’t believe in free speech,” and others like Musk How the “capitalists” will clash with Twitter’s staff, with Murugsan describing himself as a “socialist” and a “communist.”

“Ideologically, it doesn’t make any sense because we’re actually censoring the right and not the left,” Murugsan told an undercover Truth Project reporter in Monday’s video. Individuals will say, ‘It’s okay to say it, bro, just tolerate it.’ The left will say, ‘No, I’m not going to tolerate it. I need to censor it or I won’t be on the platform.’ So it’s Will censor the right. It’s true. There’s a bias.”

When asked how his colleagues felt about Musk being their new boss, Murugsan said “they hate it”, although he himself “can at least accept it.”

“Some of my colleagues are super, super, super, super left… They’re like, ‘This is going to be my last day,'” the senior engineer said. Ultimately, the board has a say, and then they act in their best interest because they don’t want to be sued.”

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