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Naren Daryanani is the first eliminated from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’

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Naren Daryanani is the first eliminated from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’

Naren Daryanani was quite excited to be part of “The House of the Famous Colombia” – credit @narendaryanani/Instagram

The house of celebrities Colombia came to change the way viewers see celebrities, showing their personalities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throughout the week, since its premiere on February 11, celebrities faced different challenges, leaving four celebrities nominated to be eliminated on February 18.

The first official nominee was Mafe Walker, who upon entering lost the challenge in which she had to find an element with the program’s logo, using nothing more than her mouth. The second celebrity who kept his name on the condemned plaque was the actor and comedian Beto Arango, who obtained the lowest vote on the second day of the reality show.

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The third sentenced person who was at risk of elimination was the actor Naren Daryanani, an actor remembered for having been part of the cast of Fathers and Sons for years. And finally, Martha Isabel Bolaños completed this list of nominees, as she obtained 11 votes from her classmates so that she would be the first eliminated.

Since the broadcast of the episode on Saturday, February 17, viewers were in charge of voting for who should be saved from the first elimination. However, Naren Daryanani was not lucky enough that his followers managed to save him from being the first to leave the house and according to the rules of the house, the actor will be able to leave a new nominee for elimination.

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The leaders of the week in ‘The House of the Famous’ chose two participants to save you from elimination – credit ViX

During the elimination gala, the leaders of the week, Karen Sevillano and Miguel Melfi, lost the benefits they had acquired for a week, until a new test is presented. In addition, the one eliminated from this episode will be able to sentence one of his teammates who remains in the competition.

The first celebrity to retain his place in The House of the Famous Colombia for another week was the actor and comedian Beto Arango, who received the support of his followers on this occasion. His teammates, as well as the other convicts, celebrated the decision that Julián Arango’s brother would keep his place.

Beto Arango, the actor and comedian, got the necessary votes to stay one more week in ‘The House of the Famous’ – credit Canal RCN

After the celebrities had a trial-like dynamic in which they presented their reasons for eliminating one of the sentenced, the name of the second celebrity who would retain his position in the competition was given. It was Martha Isabel Bolaños, who showed that, despite the criticism from her colleagues, she has the full support of her followers outside the house.

Martha Isabel Bolaños was the second celebrity to be saved from elimination at the February 18 gala – credit Canal RCN

Finally, the third save of the night was Mafe Walker, who with her galactic codes managed to convince her thousands of followers to save her and stay in the competition for another week. Thus, the content creator managed to consolidate an important audience by having more votes on social networks.

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It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the four sentenced people who competed to be the first expelled from The House of the Famous Colombia, there were the actor Julián Trujillo, Isabella Santiago, José Miel and Ornella Sierra. The first two to be saved were the singer, rescued by the leader Karen Sevillano; while Ornella Sierra was saved by Melfi, the second leader of the house.

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The celebrities had to compete against each other by riding a mechanical bull, a test that more than strength required strategy in order to save themselves another week from ending up out of the competition. Disguised as cowboys, the six contestants had to stay as long as possible without letting themselves lie down. In the end, whoever added the most time after three rounds won.

Thus, the winners this time were Isabella Santiago and Julián Trujillo from Team Cielo.

Julián Trujillo was one of the winners of the salvation test – credit House of the famous / Vix

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