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New York, CNN licensed Chris Cuomo: helped brother governor accused of sexual harassment

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CNN ended up firing popular host Chris Cuomo after suspending him following information about helping his brother Andrew when he was governor of New York State and was charged with sexual harassment. The dismissal, the most famous all news channel in the world said, has immediate effect. Cuomo, according to the CNN communication reported by the New York Times, “had been suspended earlier this week pending further assessments of new information on his involvement in his brother’s defense.”

New York, Cuomo accused of sexual harassment: he faces a year in prison

When Andrew Cuomo was faced with a growing number of sexual harassment allegations, Chris Cuomo did not air on the episode of his show featuring a report on the scandal, leaving a prime-time hole in CNN’s coverage of what was turning out to be. a national news. At the same time, away from his post as a TV host, he participated in strategic meetings with his brother’s collaborators. A behavior evidently considered unacceptable by the CNN, which fired him.

New York, CNN suspends Chris Cuomo: “He helped his brother, former governor accused of harassment”

by Massimo Basile

“This is not how I wanted my time at CNN to end, but I have already told you why and how I helped my brother”: said anchor Chris Cuomo in a note after his dismissal from CNN. The journalist said he was “disappointed” by what happened but also “proud” of the team of his program, one of the broadcaster’s most followed.

This is how the saga of a powerful Italian-American dynasty seems to end, which began with the three-time governor of Ny Mario Cuomo and continued with his two sons: Andrew, who resigned in August from the same office due to the sexual harassment scandal, and Chris, fired from Cnn after having long been one of the best known faces.


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