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Nova Sea takes a big hit from Torghatten Aqua

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Nova Sea takes a big hit from Torghatten Aqua

Helgeland breeders Nova Sea and Torghatten Aqua are starting a close and long-term collaboration to strengthen both companies.

Nova Sea comes in as a new major shareholder with a 33.4 percent stake in Torghatten Aqua, according to a press release from the companies.

This happens through a capital expansion in the company and the purchase of shares. Nova Sea thus becomes the second largest shareholder in the group. Trøndelag Helgeland Invest is still the largest owner, with a good 39 per cent of the shares. The farming operations of the Torghatten Aqua companies will eventually be operated in collaboration with Nova Sea.

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Increased capital and expertise
The boards of Torghatten Aqua and Nova Sea have approved the agreements, and Torghatten Aqua will convene an extraordinary general meeting of the company on 23 February for a final decision, the companies write further.

Chairman of Torghatten Aqua, Frode Blakstad, is very happy to have Nova Sea on board:

– We get increased access to capital and expertise, which means a lot for the further development of our companies, he says.

Blakstad has been central to the negotiations, and believes that the common value base in the two companies is important for the ambitious plans going forward.

Fits in well
In recent years, Nova Sea has invested aggressively with billion-dollar investments in a new slaughterhouse, a new hatchery and the purchase of farming volume on Helgeland.

– The investment and collaboration with Torghatten Aqua fits in very well with Nova Sea’s investment. In addition, Torghatten Aqua’s subsidiary Campus BLÅ actively contributes to the recruitment of competent labour, which is crucial for the venture to be successful, says chairman Aino Olaisen of Nova Sea.

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– This is a big and happy day for us! The main shareholders in Nova Sea and Torghatten Aqua have worked together for several decades. They have a common ambition for growth and development, both in the companies, the industry and the region. We are therefore delighted that we will be able to actively take part in this in the future, says managing director of Torghatten Aqua, Øyvind Løvdahl, who adds:

– After the transaction with Nova Sea has been completed, we are also ready to follow up on the promise to our 800 or so shareholders to list the share on the NOTC list.

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