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Ole Ivars, Celebrity warning | Ole Ivars leaves Oslo Spektrum

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Ole Ivars, Celebrity warning |  Ole Ivars leaves Oslo Spektrum

The popular dance band, Ole Ivars, declared that they would put their dancing shoes on the shelf after autumn 2023.

Now the gang has turned around and chooses to continue until the band turns 60. To VG they reveal that the end for the band will be in Oslo Spektrum on 19 October this year.

– We are really looking forward to this, says band manager William Kristoffersen to the newspaper.

According to him, the Broadcasting Orchestra, KORK, will also play together with the popular dance band.

– I get a little heart palpitations just talking about it!

Kristoffersen has this winter been relevant with the TV 2 program “Hver gang vi møtes”.

The Norwegian dance band from Hamar was formed in 1964, and is considered one of Norway’s most successful dance bands of all time.

Ole Ivars has played a central role in popularizing dance band music in Norway.

The band has had several line-up changes over the years, but the founders are still key members. Ole Ivars has released a number of albums and singles, and they are known for songs such as “No, so thick you have become” and “Kongen av campingplassen”.

Their music is characterized by the dance band style, which combines elements from pop, rock, country and other genres.

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