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Oliver Pocher Thug Fat Comedy sentenced to a fine in court

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Oliver Pocher Thug Fat Comedy sentenced to a fine in court

Two years after an attack on Oliver Pocher on the sidelines of a boxing match in Dortmund, the rapper Fat Comedy has been sentenced to a fine. The Dortmund district court decided on Friday that the defendant must pay 1,800 euros for intentional bodily harm. This corresponds to 120 daily rates of 15 euros each.

The verdict is not final and it is still unclear whether further legal action will be taken. The public prosecutor’s office had pleaded for a suspended prison sentence of ten months.

Fat Comedy sagt Sorry

The 24-year-old black man apologized “from the bottom of his heart” to Pocher. He made a “huge mistake” that he regrets. This applies to the slap itself and also to the video of the act that a friend made for him at the time – and to other postings that he spread about it on social media, the defendant described in a statement presented by his defense lawyer.

He actually just wanted to make a “verbal announcement” to Pocher, but then anger arose in him and he threw the punch.

Pocher speaks of humiliating display

Pocher appeared as a witness and co-plaintiff. His lawyer had called for a prison sentence for Fat Comedy. His attack was by no means spontaneous, but was planned in advance, as evidenced by the commissioned filming of the crime.

Pocher also became a victim in two respects given the “humiliating display” of the slap on the Internet and numerous postings by the defendant.

Pocher describes the situation on site

As a witness, Pocher reported that the situation was unclear at the time; he did not know whether further blows would follow, whether Fat Comedy had a knife with him or whether other perpetrators might be lying in wait for him in the hall. The 46-year-old spoke of a “certain life-threatening situation” during the action.

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Before Pocher left the building in Dortmund, there was an unexpected, non-public one-on-one conversation. What was exchanged between him and Fat Comedy in the corner of a courtroom hallway is unknown.

Second conviction for Fat Comedy

In this case, Fat Comedy had already been sentenced to 5,000 euros in compensation and 45,000 euros in monetary compensation by the Frankfurt regional court in a civil case in the summer of 2023. Fat Comedy had lodged an appeal and the proceedings are now before the Higher Regional Court.

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