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Online audience exceeded 370 million, the 4th Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo closed in Suzhou-China Daily

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On September 25th, the 4th Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “sports expo”) closed in Suzhou. According to incomplete statistics, a total of nearly 100,000 person-times walked into the six themed exhibitions and related activities of the Games, and the online audience exceeded 370 million person-times.

This year’s Olympic Games actively adapts to the new situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, innovating the conference mode, online and offline interaction, on-site and off-site linkage, focusing on technology empowerment, strengthening international elements, designing and holding the opening ceremony and theme performances, There are 13 activities in 5 major sections including night tour of the ancient canal, exhibition, theme forum, and interactive linkage.

It is understood that the six themed exhibitions attracted a total of more than 4,000 people from more than 900 units from 72 cities and more than 20 countries in China. Among them, the “Encounter of the Silk Road and the Canal” international exhibition attracted 105 companies from Central and Eastern Europe, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Thailand and other countries to participate in the exhibition. The “Meet the Silk Road and the Canal” international exhibition has a total of tens of thousands of featured products from 24 countries on display and sales. The Italian Pavilion highlights the theme of “2022 China-Italy Tourism Year” and holds a special opening ceremony. Tanzania holds a special promotion event, coffee and wine tasting , Muay Thai, African dance show, felt hand-made and other forms of experience activities are popular, effectively promoting the Canal City and the countries along the “Belt and Road” to deepen exchanges and cooperation in the field of cultural tourism, and continuously enhance the international influence of the Grand Canal cultural tourism brand.

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Relying on the leading online companies, this year’s Games Expo has innovatively built a digital exhibition platform for the Games – “Online Games Expo”. Visitors can “tour” the expo without leaving home to appreciate the charm of the canal and taste the culture of the canal. The online sports expo has specially created a one-stop exchange and trading platform for multiple parties, providing more exhibitors and buyers with comprehensive, thoughtful, convenient and efficient exhibition guide and sales transaction services. According to incomplete statistics, the online sports expo has provided more than 2,200 exhibitors and more than 500 buyers with online consultation, communication, reservation, transaction and other services, and the cumulative number of page visits has exceeded 200 million, promoting the online sports expo. Intentional transaction volume reached 146 million yuan.

(China Daily Jiangsu reporter station)

[Editor in charge: Shu Liang]

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