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Palazuelos accuses ‘dirty war’ due to electoral preference

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Palazuelos accuses ‘dirty war’ due to electoral preference

Roberto Palazuelos, candidate for the Senate for the Citizen Movement (MC), has claimed that a “dirty war” has been orchestrated against him to undermine his rise in the polls. In a video broadcast on his social media, the actor and businessman accused his opponents of using artificial intelligence to create videos with his image, a tactic he labeled as a new form of dirty politics.

Palazuelos also accused a supposed group of promoting manipulated surveys that aim to discredit his campaign. Additionally, he denounced a recent complaint filed by Lizbeth Romano, who accused him of illegal appropriation of land in the hotel zone of Tulum, Quintana Roo.

In response, Palazuelos countered the allegations, asserting that the eviction of Romano was a legal matter carried out with proper legal procedures. He denied any wrongdoing and proclaimed that the rise of these allegations is due to the fear of his growing popularity in the polls.

The complaint filed by Romano states that she was dispossessed of a property where Palazuelos now has a hotel and restaurant. Social media videos from the time show Palazuelos present during an operation by the Tulum Municipal Police, overseeing the eviction of Romano and staff from the “Yoga Shala Tulum Hotel” and “Canopia Tulum” restaurant.

Palazuelos has called for the public to not be swayed by these allegations and assured that he will remain focused on his campaign with the support of the people. The upcoming election, he claims, will showcase a true popular festival, and he has expressed confidence in his success without the need for resorting to negative tactics.

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