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“Pax Humana” the foundation between the Sahel and the Balkans for the construction of a lasting peace

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“Pax Humana” the foundation between the Sahel and the Balkans for the construction of a lasting peace

Builders of dialogue in a time of crisis. Thus the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio presented the activities of Pax Humana, the foundation promoted by the NGO Ara Pacis in collaboration with Luiss Guido Carli, Eni, SkyTg24, Terna and Coldiretti: “They have the merit of concentrating on operational objectives”. And to move in those chessboards like the Sahel and the Balkans where stability is challenged every day.

The foundation’s programs were illustrated yesterday in Rome. One of the cornerstones is Africa, where the initiatives of Pax Humana – underlined Di Maio – “add a precious piece to the Italian strategy in the region”. “Our projects are based on three pillars: security, peace and development – explains Maria Nicoletta Gaida, president of Ara Pacis -. In Fezzan, in southern Libya, we began in 2015 to mediate agreements between different tribes and communities, helping to identify priorities and needs in 16 municipalities, from schools to hospitals. In the last year with Pax Humana, we signed an agreement with the municipality of Sebha for the management of a cultural complex, the Sahara Peace Hub: a hub that provides basic health, educational and energy services and offers training on innovative agricultural practices. And then we are supporting the Al Safia clinic for mothers and children in an area with a high mortality “.

These are humanitarian initiatives that have to deal with international interests, which are always strong when it comes to Africa. So much so as to generate criticism in France against Italian activity, accused of wanting only to curb migratory flows without contributing to development. Especially in Mali, a country torn apart by internal clashes and terrorism jihadism, but increasingly crucial for the balance of the Sahel: “Our actions are exclusively in support of reconciliation – replies Gaida -: they have nothing to do with the fight against immigration clandestine. In contrast to the French attitude, as Ara Pacis we have built trust over the years starting from below and listening to the communities. It is surreal to say that our mediation causes tensions with the central government: we have a partnership with the Malian ministry of reconciliation, precisely by virtue of the work of dialogue carried out by us between the authorities of Bamako and the movements of the North ”.

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And now we are also looking at Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Memorandum of Understanding between Unioncamere and the Foreign Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed three days ago, was presented to strengthen economic relations. Another important peace defense, to prevent the winds of war from Ukraine from returning to threaten the stability of the Balkans.

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