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PDP on awarding the HVO in Derventa | Info

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PDP on awarding the HVO in Derventa |  Info

The PDP also announced the arrival of Croatian President Zoran Milanović in Dervent.

Source: Facebook/Branislav Borenović

Party president Branislav Borenović says that the result of the special, friendly and strategic ties of the Dodik regime with their Croatian “friends” is the constant humiliation of the Serbian people.

“The President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, arrived in Derventa today. One might think that he is there at the invitation of our authorities to discuss the resolution of the Trgovska Gora issue, when Croatia will build the access road to the bridge on the Sava, which was an excuse for Dodik to allow them to build Pelješki bridge or about some other current issue, but the reality is quite different. The President of Croatia in the Republika Srpska, in the Derventa, once leveled almost to the ground, commemorates the anniversary and honors the HVO, which demolished and killed our people in that same city. What a scandal and national shame”says Borenović.

He adds that Milanović glorifies and distinguishes the HVO without any problems in the middle of Republika Srpska, and he was the one who forbade the private visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to Jasenovac.

“Of course, it is to be expected, just like when, after returning from the celebration of the criminal action, Maestral stopped by Dodik’s place to convey his impressions over brandy, and today he ends up having a pleasant time in Bakinci. But what we certainly cannot expect is that the great fighter for Croatian interests , Dodik asks his friend when we on the territory of Croatia will commemorate the persecutions and crimes against Serbs as part of the “Storm” action and other pogroms of our people. It is pitiful and sad what we received under the rule of the great “patriots”Borenović said.

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Source: MONDO/Nikolina Damjanić

Head of the club of PDP MPs in the NSRS, Igor Crnadak says that it is a shame that Milanović is distinguished in the heart of the RS by the HVO, with the protection of the MUP of the RS.

“It’s nice that Dodik is visiting Hilandar today, but even Sveta Gora can’t cover his shame” said Crnadak, after the authorities of Republika Srpska allowed Croatian President Zoran Milanović to honor the HVO brigade in Derventa, a city that suffered greatly in the War of Defense and Homeland precisely from HVO units.

Crnadak says that it is a shame and terrible that Zoran Milanović, known for his statement “Serbs are a handful of misery”in Derventa, in the heart of the Republika Srpska, under the protection of the MUP of the Republika Srpska, distinguished by the HVO, honors those who committed crimes against the Serbs.

“Dodik granted it to him and literally hid far away from here, thinking that it would save him from responsibility. Shame, betrayal, stabbing his own people in the back!”said Crnadak.


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