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Police Continue Search for Fugitive ‘Popol’ Wanted on Charges of Incest and Child Abuse

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LAJAS – The search for fugitive Alexis Alicea Torres, also known as “Popol,” continues for the fifth consecutive day, with over a hundred police officers involved. Alicea Torres is wanted on multiple warrants with a bond set at $1 million for charges of incest, child abuse, and threats against his teenage daughter. Two years ago, Alicea Torres got his daughter pregnant, who is now a mother.

Despite the extensive effort put into the search, authorities have been unsuccessful in capturing Alicea Torres. Local residents claim that he is familiar with the area and is receiving assistance from people who provide food and water. Some also believe that he survives by consuming quenepas and manages to elude the authorities easily when they approach.

Alicea Torres was due to appear in court on August 8 but failed to do so. Consequently, charges were filed against him in absentia. At various points during the investigation, the threatened teenager, who initially refused to testify, ended up appearing. On one occasion, he was even subjected to a DNA test, which confirmed his paternity of the baby.

Law enforcement agencies, including CIC, Uniformed, and support from a FURA helicopter and drones, have been conducting an intense search in farms, mountains, rice fields, and other crops. They have been following leads provided by locals. The operation involves the use of four-track motorboats, Polaris vehicles, and sniffer dogs.

Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa has been overseeing the search for the first four days. However, it is uncertain if the immense resources being expended will lead to alternative methods of pursuit.

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On Friday, at approximately 9:10 p.m., police entered the abandoned EJA Dairy Dairy in Parcelas Lajas Arriba, where Alicea Torres is believed to have hidden. The search yielded a gun, numerous bullets, two cell phones, and other personal belongings belonging to the fugitive.

As the search continues, the community remains on alert, hoping for a breakthrough in capturing Alexis Alicea Torres.

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