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Pope in Matera: Pray for war-torn country – Vatican News

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Pope in Matera: Pray for war-torn country – Vatican News

Pope Francis visited the southern Italian city of Matera on September 25 to preside over the closing ceremony of the Italian National Eucharistic Assembly. Before reciting the Angelus, the Pope entrusted his concern for the fertility rate of Italy and the peoples of war-torn countries in the world to the Virgin Mary, praying that through her intercession, everyone can work harder to “build a world“. A more inclusive and fraternal future”.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis visited the southern Italian city of Matera on September 25 and led the faithful to recite the Angelus at the closing ceremony of the 27th National Eucharistic Assembly in Italy. Before the chanting, the Pope specifically implored the Virgin Mary to help all people to work harder “to build a more inclusive and fraternal future”

The Pope first thanked those who attended the General Assembly and the closing Mass on the day, thanked Cardinal Zuppi, President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, thanked the Diocese of Matera-Irsina for the organization of the reception, and thanked all the volunteers for their dedication , entrust them and all of Italy into the hands of the Mother of God. The Pope said: “We entrust the Virgin Mary with the journey of the Church in Italy, so that every Christian community can feel the bread of life and the fragrance of the Eucharist. I also boldly serve Italy today. Pray: More births, more children.”

The intention of the Pope’s prayer then turned to regions of the world suffering from armed conflict and violence. The Pope started with Myanmar, where he had just learned that a school had been bombed, killing children. He said: “You can see that bombing schools has become a fashion in the world today! May the world hear the cries of these children! These tragedies should not have happened!”

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The pope’s thoughts then turned to the conflict zone in southwestern Cameroon, Africa. Clashes between separatists and government forces have been ongoing in the region since 2016, with the abduction of five priests and a nun in Mamfe, the provincial parish of Bamenda province. “I pray for them and for the province of Bamenda,” the Pope said. “May the Lord grant peace of mind to this lovely country and peace of life in society.”

The Pope also once again expressed his concern for the Ukrainian people who are suffering from the suffering of the war, and called on the “leaders” who are gathering in New York these days for the United Nations General Assembly to “quickly find effective measures to end the war.”

On Sunday, the day of the Pope’s visit to Matera, which is also the day the Church commemorates the “Migrants and Refugees of the World“, the Pope said: “In order to build the future according to God’s plan, let us renew our commitment: may everyone have their own position, respected; may migrants, refugees, displaced persons and victims of human trafficking be able to live in dignity and peace.” This is because “the Kingdom of God is achieved with them, and no one is excluded.”

In conclusion, the Pope encouraged: “Let us work together to build a more inclusive and fraternal future.”

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