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President Petro’s daughter was in the Millonarios vs. America and her brother revealed how she fared

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The President’s Daughter Attends Soccer Match Amidst Controversy

The president’s daughter, 15-year-old Antonella Petro, attended a soccer match at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium to watch the game between Millonarios and América de Cali. She was accompanied by her brother, Nicolás Alcocer Petro, who shared their excitement on social media. Despite the excitement of attending the game and supporting the winning team, Antonella has faced ongoing controversy due to her father’s political position.

Nicolás Alcocer posted a photo of Antonella wearing a Millonarios t-shirt, expressing her smile and passion for the game. He also revealed her desire to continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a footballer. In a heartfelt message to his sister, Nicolás expressed his love and encouraged her to continue spreading the message that football belongs to everyone, regardless of ideology.

However, the experience was not entirely positive for Antonella. In contrast to the warm reception at the stadium in Bogotá, fans in Medellín expressed their disapproval of her father, President Gustavo Petro, during a match at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. The fans shouted “Petro out” and made disparaging remarks about her absence from the stadium, reflecting the ongoing division and controversy surrounding her father’s political career.

The video of the fans’ rejection of President Petro was widely shared on social media, with activists and political leaders using the incident to express their discontent with the current administration. The controversy around President Petro clearly extends to his family members, making it difficult for Antonella to enjoy a simple soccer match without being reminded of the intense political climate in Colombia.

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