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He didn’t want to see Harry

After his refusal to see his brother Harry – who returned to The Angels hours after his express 45-minute visit to his father- asserting that he had “more important things to do,” the Prince of Wales This Wednesday he resumed his double official commitments.

Continue with your agenda

And despite the fact that his intention was to accompany his wife During his recovery, reducing his actions to a minimum, his father’s illness has forced him to step forward and assume the responsibility institutional roleWhat corresponds to him as heir to the throne in this delicate trance for the British Royal Family.

Nostradamus’s gloomy prediction that shakes the British Royal House

A intense day which began in the morning in the Windsor Castle, where Prince William has presided over a investiture ceremony in which he handed out fifty decorations and in which it has apparently been seen relaxed and exuding closeness and smiles with everyone assistantseven though his weightloss It is quite noticeable. A comeback in which his attitude has been reassuringalthough he has avoided making any comments on the King’s health problems and Kate.

beneficial gala

It was at night, during a charity gala for the organization of air ambulances of London – an event in which he coincided with Tom Cruise, with whom he has shown himself to be most complicit – when the The Prince of Wales has broken his silence and has pronounced his first words since the Royal House announced that his father is sick with cancer.

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We truly appreciate everyone’s kindness. Gracias“he expressed upon his arrival at eventwhere despite the smile that he dedicated to those present, his countenance of worry. And it has been during his speech when Guillermo has spoken about the difficult moment that the British crownwhich he has tried to remove iron with his characteristic sense of ironic humor: “I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to say thank you. Also for the kind messages of support to Catherine and my father. Especially in the last few days. It means a lot to us.” “It’s fair to say that in the The past few weeks I have been quite focused on medical issues. So I thought about coming to an event ambulances to disconnect,” he joked, tearing off the laughter from the audience.

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