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pro-Russia propaganda video calling Ukrainians Nazis (and goes viral in Germany) – TV Courier

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pro-Russia propaganda video calling Ukrainians Nazis (and goes viral in Germany) – TV Courier

The video released on social media by Russian accounts points the finger at German aid to Kiev

(LaPresse) A pro-Russia propaganda video has quickly gone viral on social media in Germany. In the film, set in a fictitious village in the Palatinate, Bundeswehr soldiers ring the bell of a small house where a family is sitting in front of the television. A commander and several soldiers begin requisitioning items in the family living room for the federal government, claiming that the entire property is now “an aid to Mr. Zelensky”, while the television broadcasts a speech by a fake German chancellor Olaf Scholz who says that Germany will continue to support Ukraine. The commander then hangs a photo of the Ukrainian president on the wall and salutes with a “Heil Zelensky!” At the end In the video, an inscription reads: “Is your home in NATO? Accept NATO in your home”. A series of data is then provided: since the beginning of 2022, over 22 billion euros “have flowed from the German budget to Ukraine”.
The video’s message claims that the German government is taking everything from the population just to support Ukraine. There is also an ironic reference to the Leopard tanks supplied by Berlin to Kiev, with the commander seizing a leopard cuddly toy from the hands of a child.
The clip was posted online on Wednesday, July 26, and has since been viewed by thousands. The video was first disseminated by Russian-language social media accounts, as reported by Zdf which, with a facial recognition tool, managed to identify the actors discovering that they are all from Russia.
Special effects were also used in the video, as some investigative journalists have discovered. The village, in fact, is that of Rhodt in the Palatinate, but an old photo of the German town was used for the film, which was then digitally animated. Some Russian Telegram channels have claimed that the AfD, the German far-right party, may be behind the video. But this hypothesis was flatly denied by the AfD press office, as always reported by Zdf, underlining that everything actually indicates that the video comes from Russia. Even the data provided at the end of the video, highlighted the German broadcaster, do not correspond exactly to the real ones. Not all of the 22 billion cited will go ‘to Ukraine’, but most will be used to support the Ukrainians in Germany. (LaPresse)

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July 28, 2023 – Updated July 28, 2023, 3:50 pm

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