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Putin warns West that sending troops to Ukraine could lead to nuclear war

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Putin warns West that sending troops to Ukraine could lead to nuclear war

**Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of nuclear war if Western troops intervene in Ukraine**

In a chilling address to the Russian elite on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to the West, cautioning against the risk of nuclear war if they send their troops to aid Ukraine. Putin asserted that Moscow possesses the capability to target Western countries with nuclear weapons if provoked.

While dismissing claims of Russia’s intention to attack Europe as “nonsense,” Putin referenced French President Emmanuel Macron’s notion of potentially deploying Western troops to Ukraine. This suggestion was quickly rebuffed by several European leaders.

Putin’s speech comes in the midst of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, with tensions escalating as the conflict enters its third year. The Russian president has previously hinted at the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons and has reportedly been exploring the development of a space-based nuclear weapon.

During his lengthy state of the nation address, Putin also touched on the upcoming presidential election in Russia, where he is expected to secure a fifth term. He praised the country’s economic progress and unveiled new national projects, highlighting his commitment to supporting families and addressing demographic challenges.

As Russia continues its military campaign in Ukraine, Putin emphasized the need to enhance military presence along the western border to counter perceived threats from NATO expansion. The deployment of troops and the escalation of rhetoric underscore the deepening divide between Russia and the West.

As the world watches with growing concern, the specter of nuclear conflict looms large, with Putin’s latest warning serving as a stark reminder of the potentially devastating consequences of military intervention in the region.

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