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Quasi, review of his album Breaking The Balls Of History (2023)

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Quasi, review of his album Breaking The Balls Of History (2023)

Can you make great music with a keyboard and drums? Of course. The proof is in the veteran duo formed by Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes. It is true that sometimes they put in trapdoors (some guitar that doesn’t bother anything, occasional basses…), but the two of them and their vocal harmonies are enough to make records as neat and entertaining as this one.

The best thing is that the indie rock proposal with garage traces of Quasi thirty years after its formation, it remains fresh, which not everyone can say (right, Frank?). And his tenth album encapsulates his virtues from the very 90s freak collage-cover.

The strange and very ugly departure of Weiss from Sleater Kinney has had as a direct consequence that the couple resume activity no less than ten years after their previous album, when almost everyone had forgotten about them. Weiss had to recover from a car accident just as she was starting a tour with her partner, but the vitality she shows with her instrument on this album makes us wonder what her ex-bandmates had in mind to do without her with so much lightness Group stuff.

The fact is that the duo returns with plenty of arguments to justify their return. Playful structures, luminous and accurate melodies, irresistible noises, contagious vitality, the spirit of series B and thug humor that are squandered in cuts like “Queen Of Ears”, “Shitty Is Pretty” o “The Losers Win”. We already want more.

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