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Quebec premier: Pay health tax if you don’t get vaccinated | Vaccine passport | Epoch Times

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[The Epoch Times, January 11, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Ping Toronto reported) Quebec Premier François Legault announced at a press conference on Tuesday (January 11) afternoon that the province would Residents who refuse to take vaccines for medical reasons will be charged a “health tax” as a punishment. The exact amount is undetermined.

The Quebec government is still negotiating with the finance minister and legal counsel about the specific penalties, but Legault has made it clear that $50 or $100 is too little. Legault said that adults who still refuse to get their first shot in the next few weeks will be required to pay a health tax, and people who enjoy vaccine exemptions for health reasons will not need to pay the tax.

Legault’s reasoning is that people who don’t get vaccinated place a heavy burden on the existing health care system, and they have to pay for it, not everyone. He also said the province will continue to expand the use of vaccine passports and take other tougher measures.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus pneumonia) epidemic, Quebec has implemented two rounds of curfews, and this health tax, if passed, will be the toughest anti-epidemic measure in Canada. Legault did this because Quebec has recorded 188 new hospitalizations in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 2,742 and 62 new deaths.

Nearly half of hospitalized patients hospitalized for other health reasons

At present, Montreal hospitals have suspended all heart or cancer operations, and some inpatients have been transferred to nursing homes to make beds for those infected with the epidemic. The problem is that nearly half of Quebec’s hospitalized patients tested positive for other health problems, not the virus. The same is true in Ontario, where only 56 per cent of all positive hospitalizations were purely for the virus.

Quebec’s health minister, Christian Dubé, insisted at a news conference that day that the supply of hospital beds in Quebec will be critical in the next five to 10 days, even though only half of the hospitalized patients are hospitalized with the virus.

Dolby’s other contradictory claims include his accusation that unvaccinated hospitalized patients are significantly higher than vaccinated hospitalized patients, but he has previously said that the number of unvaccinated infected people only accounts for about 10% of the province’s infected people, and unvaccinated infected hospitalized patients. The number is only half of the province.

On the same day, Legault also introduced Luc Boileau, the new interim health officer of the Ministry of Health. The former health officer Horacio Arruda, who had served for 12 years a day earlier, resigned in an open letter to Legault, expressing his hope After several waves of the epidemic, the governor has an opportunity to re-evaluate the epidemic. In this regard, Legault only said that he would respect Arruda’s different opinions.

Polio’s first task after taking office is to decide whether primary and secondary school students will return to school on January 17. At the same time, several major teachers’ unions in Quebec have called on the government to install air purifiers in classrooms with insufficient ventilation. ◇

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