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Renata Flores, famous Televisa actress, dies

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Renata Flores, famous Televisa actress, dies

Renata Flores lived in her car for three years. (Infobae Special: Jovani Pérez)

The national artistic environment is mourning the unfortunate death of Renata Flores, a beloved Mexican singer and actress who participated in several melodramas on ‘Televisa’. The news was confirmed by the program ‘Foro TV’ during the morning of this Friday, February 9 and until now the causes of her death are unknown.

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Renata Flores died at 74 years of age and spent her last days in ‘La Casa del Actor’ (a retirement space for actors) after suffering from homelessness.

As soon as they reported his situation, ANDA intervened so that he had a place in ‘The Actor’s House’. Credit: @raulbrindis /

Renata Flores was born on August 28, 1949 in Mexico City. Until now, much information is unknown about the first years of her life, since we only have details from when she began her career in the national artistic milieu.

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In 1964 he debuted as a rock and roll singer with ‘Mi boyfriend Juan’, a Spanish version of ‘My boyfriend back’ by The Angels. Likewise, she worked as a dancer in a television program called ‘Orfeón à-Go Gó’.

Because her musical career did not take off, she decided to try her luck as a soap opera actress. In 1967 she participated in ‘Gente sin historia’ and, due to her great performance as a villain, she continued in ‘Youth, divine treasure’.

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Credit: @ImpactoNoticia7 / X

In 1982 she managed to leave an indelible mark on the Mexican public as ‘Señorita Irene’, the governess of ‘Chispita’.

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However, it was not until 1987 when he starred in nothing more and nothing less than ‘Rosa Salvaje’, a melodrama where he shared credits with Verónica Castro, Guillermo Capetillo, Laura Zapata, Edith González and Jaime Garza, to mention some members of the cast.

He also participated in: My dear Isabel, The Usurpadora, Rosalinda, Carita de Ángel, ¡Vivan los niños!, Rebelde, Peregrina. Her last projects on the small screen were Lola, Once Upon a Time, True Loves, Triumph of Love and Beware the Angel.

Renata Flores (Photo: Facebook@Renata Flores)

According to information recovered by Ventaneando, the Mexican artist lived homeless for at least three years. Supposedly, she spent her days inside her car in the ‘Las Américas’ park in the Narvarte neighborhood.

“He went out with his two little dogs, he even had glasses. I saw that she had several friends, that is, she hung out with people who had dogs,” said a person who lived homeless in the same place for the Ventaneando microphones.

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