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Who is Carolina Gaitán’s boyfriend and the father of the child the singer is expecting?

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Who is Carolina Gaitán’s boyfriend and the father of the child the singer is expecting?

Carolina Gaitán will be a mother for the first time; This is the father of her son-credit Instagram @lagaita

After Carolina Gaitán’s breakup with her penultimate boyfriend Nicolás Nohra, with whom she lasted just over a year, the ‘popstar’ has prevented her new relationship from being in the entertainment spotlight, which is why she has published very few details at the time. regard.

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However, love knocked on her door again and it seems that this time it would be for life, because on this occasion she said yes to starting a family with businessman Samir.

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On his Instagram account he published a carousel of photographs in which he explains what the legend of the red thread is about, which talks about the connection that exists between two people who are destined to be together, and next to it he put the big ring with whom they would have proposed marriage.

‘La Gaita’ had already married Nicolás Moreno, with whom she lasted a little more than 6 years, and then she was the girlfriend of Nicolas Nohra, DJ and producer, but they broke up unexpectedly and without giving more information to public opinion.

Carolina Gaitán said yes again and will marry a businessman – credit @lagaita/IG

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As Carolina Gaitán’s recognition grows internationally, more people are interested in learning about the actress’s life, especially her love situation, after she announced that she will be a mother for the first time.

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On February 7, the Colombian confirmed that she is sweetly awaiting her first-born child and dedicated some emotional words to the new member of her family. In addition, she assured that it is a little man who will be called Solomon.

This is how the desire of her followers to meet the future husband and father of Carolina Gaitán’s son has the media in an uproar, since it is only known that he is a man who makes her very happy, according to what he said a while ago in the program I know everything about your relationship situation.

“My heart is fine, I am happy, accompanied, inspired, which is very important. I love life, I feel that it is much richer being able to share it, sharing the emotions, the tears, the difficult moments, so I am very happy.”

Fortunately for those interested in knowing who Samir is, some time later Gaitán confirmed to the RCN Channel that she was in love and although she did not say the name of the person at the time, she did insist that it was a moment in her life in which she felt supremely ” accompanied.” But in the interview they wanted to tie up loose ends, so they mentioned some clues about who Samir is, the singer’s new love.

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“This man who appears in her last birthday video is the one who stole her heart. His name is Samir and he is a businessman,” they said in a program report.

Carolina Gaitán said yes and will return to the altar. Video showing her partner, the businessman Samir-credit @ manana_expressoficial / IG

The remembered ‘Catalina la Mediana’ from the Telemundo production “Without breasts there is paradise”, ended her marriage with Nicolás Moreno, without giving further details of the causes of the breakup and they did not make any official statements.

After six years together, rumors that they were no longer together began to grow because Carolina Gaitán landed alone in Colombia, at the end of 2020, and her husband had stayed in the United States, where they lived together for seasons, and then they left. The absence of photos of the couple on Gaitán’s Instagram account began to become evident.

‘Gaita’ got married on April 11, 2015 until the first stage of confinement in 2020. When she returned, the singer focused on her musical projects and took the opportunity to tour the country with whom she began as a friend, but who later left. became a new love, Nicolás Nohra.

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