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Restoring the Trump account is not enough!Musk launched another vote to “amnesty” the Twitter account – yqqlm

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(Original title: Restoring the Trump account is not enough! Musk launched a vote to “amnesty” the Twitter account)

November 24 news from the Financial Associated Press (edited by Zhou Ziyi)Twitter’s new boss, billionaire Elon Musk (Elon Musk) seems to be considering “amnesty for Twitter accounts”.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, he launched a vote on Twitter: whether Twitter’s banned accounts should be reinstated, provided that they did not violate the law or participate in spam.

As of press time, 2.61 million people have voted, with 72.6% in favor, significantly higher than the 27.4% against.

Musk has now reinstated several accounts banned for violating Twitter’s rules, including former U.S. President Donald Trump, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green and famous rapper Kanye West account.

Over the weekend, Musk used the same vote to decide whether to reinstate Trump’s account, claiming that “it’s the will of the people.”

Chaos continues after entering Twitter

It has been nearly a month since Musk took over ownership of Twitter. On the 26th of last month, he entered the Twitter headquarters building with a sink in his hand, as if declaring his sovereignty over Twitter. Then it was reported that he had completed the acquisition and officially became the actual controller of Twitter.

After he formally took over, he overhauled Twitter by firing top executives and mass layoffs. However, some employees have to be recalled after large-scale layoffs, which has caused confusion in the management of Twitter.

Musk is also trying to introduce a paid authentication feature: a $8 a month “Twitter Blue” authentication system. The verification system is a proprietary verification badge that Twitter previously offered to public figures such as journalists, politicians and celebrities. And Musk’s original intention is to open the rights of “plus V” to everyone and increase the fairness of users.

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But then a host of users posing as celebrity accounts emerged, causing further damage to the social platform.

On November 11, Twitter suspended the purchase of subscription service Twitter Blue. Musk said the feature will restart on Nov. 29 once it’s “rock solid.”

Recently, Musk got into trouble with Apple and Google again. He complained that the app store fees charged by Google and Apple to Twitter and other companies were too high, which once again aroused people’s attention and discussion.

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