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Romanian Cup, 2024/2025. Full schedule and new rules

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Romanian Cup, 2024/2025.  Full schedule and new rules

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) announced, on Wednesday, the calendar and the new regulations valid for the Romanian Cup, 2024/2025 edition. The FRF remitted, today, a press release posted on the official website of the local forum.

“The regulations of the Romanian Cup underwent a series of changes following the meeting of the Executive Committee of the FRF on April 24, 2024. In the group phase, only in the duel between the teams from the first value urn in stage 3, the home team will always be the first team drawn from the urn at the draw by lot, i.e. the team mentioned in the regulation as “1A”. mIn the rest of the games, starting from the 1st round and up to the group stage, the teams of the lower category or lower ranked in the previous championship will remain the organizers of the games.

Starting with the play-off phase, the organization costs will be fully borne by the host team. Also, the following program of the Romanian Cup for the 2024-2025 season was validated, with the proviso that the rounds of the national phase preceding the play-off may undergo changes depending on the total number of teams participating in the competition:


Groups: 10 / 13 / 17 July 2024

Finals: 20 July 2024


Round 1: 31 July 2024

Market 2: August 7, 2024

Market 3: August 14, 2024

Play-off: 28 august 2024

Group stage, stage 1: 30 October 2024

Group stage, stage 2: 4 December 2024

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Group stage, stage 3: 18 December 2024

Quarter-finals: 2 April 2025

Semi-finals: 23 April 2025

Final: May 14, 2025″, the FRF press release states.

Photo source: frf.ro

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