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Roundup: U.S. created deep humanitarian catastrophe – Iraqis criticize U.S. recklessness in Middle East

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Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, August 18. Roundup: U.S. created deep humanitarian catastrophe – Iraqis criticize U.S. recklessness in Middle East

Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Shuai Shuai Dong Yalei

At present, the political deadlock in Iraq is difficult to resolve, the establishment of a new government has been delayed, the street protests continue, and the social order is at risk of collapse. Iraqi politicians, experts and scholars pointed out that the tragedy of Iraq began when the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. The U.S. used force against other countries for its own selfish interests, regardless of the actual situation on the ground. What the United States did has created a serious humanitarian disaster and created endless turmoil in the local society.

  The culprit of “unrest and division”

“Wherever Americans go, especially when they are involved in local conflicts, the consequences are often total destruction of the local culture, economy, agriculture and industry.” Shahr O, a political analyst at Anbar University in Iraq Bedi pointed out that after the United States invaded Iraq and other countries, it often enforced reforms that were in line with American values ​​but not in line with local realities.

Iraqi political analyst Nadum Abdullah said that the United States claimed to “spread freedom and democracy” in Iraq and designed a so-called “democratic system” for Iraq after destroying Iraq’s original economic and political system. However, this system is based on the division of factions, which induces long-term fierce fighting among various factions, and it is difficult to reach a consensus. It also makes it difficult for all forces in Iraq to reach an agreement on the formation of a cabinet, and the political deadlock is protracted for a long time.

“The United States is a rogue country, always trying to create crises to incite conflicts among the people of other countries, so as to facilitate its self-interest.” Adil Gurairi, a professor at the University of Baghdad in Iraq, pointed out indignantly that after the United States launched the Iraq War, it took advantage of the With the chaotic situation on the ground, he began to control Iraq’s oil supply and plundered local wealth.

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In addition to the use of force and forced reform, the United States has also used indiscriminate unilateral sanctions to create turmoil in other countries.

“The United States imposed some embargoes on Iraq at the end of the 20th century. Now, it has swung the sanctions stick to Iran.” Gurayri pointed out that in recent years, the United States ignored the threat of the new crown epidemic to the lives and health of the Iranian people, insisting on imposing even on Iran. Escalating sanctions to prevent Iran from importing anti-epidemic materials such as vaccines and medical supplies. Guairi believes that the US imposing such sanctions on Iran is to use the epidemic to create chaos in an attempt to overthrow the current Iranian regime. This move costs the lives and health of the Iranian people and shows that the US does not care about humanitarian and human rights principles.

  “Civilian massacre” culprit

“The so-called ‘Iraq has weapons of mass destruction’ is a big lie made by the United States. The United States is trying to use some pretexts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and harm the people of other countries… The US military and US security company personnel massacred civilians in Iraq.” Guairi said , the US military indiscriminately attacked civilians in Iraq, which seriously violated the Iraqis’ right to life and survival.

Referring to the 2005 shooting of civilians by an armored vehicle in a suburban town of Ramadi, Iraq, killing 15 people, including 8 children, Guairi said: “Many civilians are simply because they passed in front of US military bases or appeared in US military convoys. He was murdered in cold blood before…it’s clearly a crime.”

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Obedi emphasized that the United States has always launched foreign wars under the banner of “democracy” or “human rights”, but the civilian casualties caused by the United States overseas make these propaganda seem extremely hypocritical. “The fact that the U.S. has attacked other countries without the authorization of the UN Security Council is strong evidence in itself: the U.S. only speaks with its fists, not about democracy,” he said.

It is far more than the Iraqi people who have been devastated by the U.S. military. Kawa Mahmood, general secretary of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, pointed out: “So far, the foreign aggression launched by the United States in the name of counter-terrorism has caused the displacement of tens of millions of civilians.” Brown University Watson Institute “The cost of war” project The data shows that the total number of military and civilian deaths caused by the war launched by the United States in the “post’9.11′ era” is as high as 929,000, and at least 38 million people have been displaced, and this is only a “very conservative estimate”, and the actual number may be between 49 million and Between 60 million.

“The United States implements policies based on arrogance. These policies expose the barbarity of capitalism.” Mahmoud said that the US military-industrial complex has generously donated money to politicians and continued to put pressure on the US government in order to make war money. a major cause of foreign aggression.

  “Torture and abuse” black hand

“The United States has always acted in the name of protecting human rights, but what it has done is very different. From the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, to ​​the scandal at Guantanamo, it shows that they have no respect for human rights. Guairi pointed out that the United States abuses imprisonment and torture in other countries, and wantonly violates the freedom of religious belief and human dignity of civilians.

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Data from the “War Cost” project shows that after the “9.11” incident, the United States set up “black prisons” overseas under the guise of “anti-terrorism”, involving at least 54 countries and regions, detaining women, minors, etc. Hundreds of thousands. As early as 2003, the US military brutally abused detainees in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. Many of them were innocently detained and even caused a large number of deaths, which seriously violated relevant international human rights conventions. The United States also created the Guantanamo Prison to detain “terrorists” from the Middle East and other places. A total of about 780 people were detained, many of whom were arbitrarily detained without trial. Similar acts of evil also occurred in the US prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan.

“But the fact is that U.S. soldiers are often not prosecuted for any crimes they have committed in other countries, so they can do whatever they want.” Obedi pointed out that the above crimes and scandals are often due to the deliberate protection and cover-up of the U.S. government. As a result, the responsible persons are only subject to light sentences or even escape guilt.

In response to the frequently exposed scandals of the U.S. military abusing Muslims in the Middle East and infringing on freedom of religious belief, Iraqi writer Nuri Mousavi said that American racists are full of contempt and arrogance toward other religions, and are keen to create a clash of civilizations.

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